Don’t know what prom nails> will go best with your dress? No fret! In this section, we have put together all the advice you’ll need for the perfect prom nails 2024!

To Get Prom Acrylic Nails Or Not?

Getting your nails done can be a hefty affair! But if your budget allows, you should definitely get them done - because Prom is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. However, if your natural nail growth is good, it might be worth just getting them professionally filled and painted on the day of prom. If your nail growth isn’t as good, taking care of your nails a month in advance might help. Use cuticle oil to speed up the growth process a little bit. If you still don’t get the length you desire and wish to save up on the nail extension cost, stick-on nails from a local drugstore should last the night.

How to Find the Perfect Prom Nail Designs?

Finding the perfect prom nail design for your dress can be a bit overwhelming. With so many gorgeous prom nail ideas pinned on Pinterest and multiple images saved on Instagram, picking just one can be tough! But to find the nail design that best goes with your dress, you need to take hints from the dress itself, because it will (undeniably) be the most visible element of your look. But, also keep in mind that your style and persona matter equally. If you’re going for an embellished prom dress with rhinestones, it is not necessary to go all blingy with your nails. Go for ombre or matte nails for both - your dress and your nails - to stand out.

Prom Nails Ideas for Different Dress Colors


The nail design options for beige or nude dresses are unlimited. You can go as far with creativity as you want. From contrasting dark-colored nails to black prom nails, everything goes well with a beige dress.


Prom nails for a red prom dress can also be picked easily. Everything goes well with a red dress. From rhinestone and glitter accents to nude ombre nails, the options are unending. You can also go for french nail art but with red lining - rather than white - for a unique look. Nails for a burgundy prom dress can exactly match the color of the dress. Go for squared or coffin-shaped nails with matte finish to keep up with this popular trend this year. If you wish to add a bit of bling, get rhinestones or glitter on one finger.


Ideas of prom nails for a black prom dress are unlimited. Go for nude nails with silver or golden accent, blush pink ombre nails, or the trending chrome nails. If you’re a fan of vibrant colors, you can also experiment with neon yellow or green colors as they are topping the nail trend chart for 2024.


There are quite a few trending options of prom nails for blue prom dress. Lavender, greyish blue, and midnight blue are the top three trending options of blue prom nails. You can also try silver prom nails if that matches your outfit. Silver nails will go brilliantly with a sky blue dress. Midnight or grey prom nails for navy blue dress are perfect.

Sherri Hill 53499 Off shoulder prom dress

Everything Else..

Gold prom nails can be your go-to for all other colors. Gold nails compliment most colors of prom dresses. If you think all-gold is too much bling for you, you can always pair it up with a mix-and-match of different nude shades. Remember, if the embellishments on your dress are silver, gold might be too contrasting and not be the best fit. The best advice that we can give is to seek inspiration from your dress and keep your nail color similar to the dress color or its embellishments. If you wish to go all-bold, experiment with metallic nails, chrome nails, neon nails, marble nails, and other trending styles.

If you wish to get them done, make your appointments now as the top nail salons will sell out quickly for the prom season. And if you wish to DIY, start your nail care routine because the clock is ticking. Either way - you’ll nail it!