Prom will be all about making and leaving memories. Although it’s all about you, try not to overshadow the happiness of others around you. If you’re going with a date or group of friends, do not ignore them until it is uncomfortable to be with them. Make eye contact with people you talk to and do not be stuck to your phone. Always wear your smile and greet people you meet (also your prom date’s family). Use please, sorry, excuse me, and thank you more often. You’ll feel great and make memories for a lifetime.

Also, spare some time for your prom photoshoot while wearing beautiful prom dress before the event. Decide where to meet with your friends and take loads of pictures. Photos will remind you of the greatest night of your school life for years to come. Also, keep taking photos wherever possible, but do not be constantly glued to your phone. Remember, the most important thing about this night is for you to have fun!