As the prom season approaches, it might not seem like a lot of work to attend the formal event, but there’s a lot of planning to be done! There’s a lot that goes into ensuring that you have the best prom experience of your life. From prom dress cost, hair and makeup to a stellar ride, everything will cost more than you estimate and it might be worth planning ahead and saving up. In the swirl of excitement, make sure you’re not carried away and stay prepared for the expenses because prom costs can really add up. In your head, you’re probably estimating average prom dress prices, hair and makeup expenses, the prom ticket, and the limo fare, but there are other things that need your attention. The expenses on after-prom activities or a getaway with close friends, after-prom date night, or accessories like prom shoes and jewelry can all add up and cost a bomb. Including the mani and pedi, flowers, and dress alterations, your expenses will just get out of hand if you haven’t planned well in advance. Your expenses may vary depending on your region and choices; for example expensive prom dresses from the latest collections over a discounted one will impact your overall budget. But no matter your choices, this section will not only help you estimate the average prom dress cost but also all other expenses associated with prom.

Whether you choose from expensive prom dresses 2023 or a discounted designer number, start exploring to get estimates according to your preferences. Then, SAVE UP! The best way to do that is to get a fair idea of how much money you will have to spend on prom, including the money you’ll get from your parents. Set money aside for the prom ticket, dress, shoes, jewelry, bag, dinner, transportation, hair, makeup, nails, corsage, professional photos, tanner/skincare, and after prom activities. You should be left with some money after all these expenses to enjoy prom to the fullest. If you’re already running low on setting these expenses aside, you’ll have to cut down on the costs. Look for more affordable options or try utilizing things you already own. Remember, you’ll need some extra cash at every point, especially for your after-prom plans.