After-prom plans are just as big as the prom night itself. And, excitement levels stay high until the end. No matter if you’re spending the night with your date, friends, or close girl gang - you should take prep-up steps to feel comfortable throughout the night. As cringe as it may sound - your parent’s approval will play an important role in ensuring your safety. Trust someone who your parents or guardians approve of for the ride back. If you’re going on a dinner date later, make sure your date respects your boundaries and isn’t a “snob”. Do not give in to peer-pressure; you do not live for others’ opinion. Anything that feels discomforting may not be worth it. Follow up on your plans. Do not wait for others to take the initiative. Also, do not be afraid to have fun - let this prom be about YOU.

After-Prom Essentials:

  • Extra shoes, those heels will hurt
  • Change of Clothes
  • Jacket (if needed)
  • Mini Toiletries

What to do after prom?

After prom ideas are endless! The most important thing is for you to have fun. Choose what interests you the most. If you wish to go on a dinner date with a special someone, your friends will understand - but make sure to tell them in advance. If you’re going out to party with your friends later, make sure to wear your after prom dress and put after party ideas forward. If you think a pyjama party later with your girl gang will bring you joy, do that! Do not compare your plans with others’. After prom activities like going to a sports bar, bowling, setting up a bonfire and barbecue, etc. are all great fun. You can also set prom after party themes like pirates, casino, etc. and ask everyone to dress up accordingly. Scavenger hunt and card games can be a part of the party. If you’re looking for after prom ideas for couples, you can choose to go for a candle light dinner, watch a movie, go bowling or play pool together.