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How to Correctly Pronounce your Favorite Luxury Brands to Designers

How to Correctly Pronounce your Favorite Luxury Brands to Designers


Luxury brands are what we really love in the fashion industry. But, mispronunciation is a little bit embarrassing especially when you’re in front of well-known people in the industry. It’s not that we are judging some people that don't know how to pronounce but, a little education for pronunciation doesn’t hurt. Here are some luxury brands to designers that we will pronounce. Have a minute with me and let’s explore the world of pronunciation.

Your Favorite Luxury Brands



We all know that Gucci is one of the famous luxury brands all over the world. It is pronounced as goo + chee. Now that we know how to pronounce it, let’s move to another brand!




Hermès is another brand that people could confuse to say, it’s pronounced as Air-mez not H-ermes. It looks easy to say but it’s harder than that. And next, 



This originated from Paris, France and is one of the well-known luxury brands, do you know what brand it is? It’s Louis Vuitton! Is this your favorite brand? Then, how do you pronounce it? Yes, that is right! It is pronounced as Loo-ee Vwee- ton. More brand to go,




Does Balenciaga sound familiar? Yes, it is! As a famous haute couture from Spain. It is pronounced as bah-len-see-AH-gah. It’s more complicated than we expected. After all, we love his designs. Moving on to the next brand!




 As an Italian luxury brand, Versace is famous for its glamorous creation. It is also pronounced glamorously as Versach-eh. With their products, it is worthy to have a delightful pronunciation. Are you enjoying it? Well, let’s look for more!




Are you familiar with Montblanc? If not, then I’ll tell you that this is a luxury brand from Germany. It is pronounced as maant-blaangk. Now, let’s move to our favorite designers in Couture Candy!

Your Favorite Couture Candy Designers


We all love the stunning prom dresses, and alluring cocktail dresses made by our designers. When we love something, what are we doing? Isn’t sharing it with our family and friends. Are you having a hard time saying the name of your favorite designer? Worry not anymore, I’ll be here to help you. Let’s get through it!




One of my favorite designers is Quinceañera, with their stunning princess-like ball gowns it makes me feel like I’ll be a princess when I wear one. Is it hard to pronounce? It is pronounced as it spells, quin-ce-a-ne-ra. It is as easy as that. Let’s move to our next designer.




It seems that this designer’s name is hard to pronounce. Well the J’Adore is pronounced as zhuh-dor. What pronunciation we are missing and now that we know, we should be proud knowing how to say it. Are you too? Now, let’s have another designer.




Are you wondering if La Femme is pronounce as it is? Well, you’ve been pronouncing it wrong. The word “femme” is pronounce as “fam”, la-fam! Now that we know, it is time to say it correctly. For our next designer,




One of everyone's favorite designers is? Jovani! With their stunning dresses, we are captivated by them. Jovani is able to catch everyone’s attention and of course, how does it pronounce? It is pronounced as juh-vaa-nee!



Did you have fun and learn how to pronounce your favorite luxury brands and designers? So Am I! Now that we know how to pronounce it, let’s keep our heads high and showcase our confidence because the embarrassing moment is gone! See you in our next blog pretty gal!

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