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Mother of the Bride Dresses & Style Guide - All Questions Answered!

Mother of the Bride Dresses & Style Guide - All Questions Answered!

Gone are the days of matronly MOB dresses, and we're so thankful for the wild and free modern times. Mums are now free to express their sartorial elegance without the barriers of washed-out beiges and Easter-egg pastels. Although the dress styles are endless and there's something for every mum on the vast internet, determining what to wear can be difficult. So many fashionable options can be overwhelming too! Thankfully, our style experts penned down a few pointers to help materfamilias find the perfect look.

Whether you're a bride looking to stylize her mum or the lucky lady herself, here's what you need to keep in mind while looking for mother of the bride outfits:

1. What Style?

Seek Inspiration from the Bride

You have been her guide throughout these years and will forever continue to be. But, on your daughter's big day, she and the groom will set the theme. Seeking inspiration and suggestions from her will be the best idea. Take notes from her dress selection. It will give you a starting point. You'll know the degree of formality, as well as styles and hues to stick to. DO NOT go for the same color as the bride's or her maids'. Let them (and yourself) stand out.

2. What Color?

Let the Wedding Theme Be Your Cue For Hue

Follow the theme of the wedding party. You're a very significant part of the bride's life, and you should look like one. It's not necessary to match with the colors because you also want to stand out. Harmonizing with them is the key! While selecting mother of the bride gowns, see if you can get a swatch of the bridesmaids' outfits, and use it to find a complementing color. For instance, if the bride wants them to dress in pink, peach will be a great pick. And if they choose to wear navy blue, royal blue will be the perfect hue for you.

3. What's "Appropriate"?

Anything That's Understated

Gone are the days when the mother of the bride wedding dresses were uniform. A sheath or cocktail knee-length dress with a jacket is not the only option that modern mums have. Today, as long as it's understated, it works. You should consider the weather, religious or cultural customs, and your comfort. For instance, an open back or strapless gown might not be the best pick for a church wedding, but it's perfect for a beach one. However, to be chapel ready, you can add a lovely jacket or a wrap, and you'll be good to go.

4. When to Begin Shopping?

Ideally, No Later Than 3 Months

As per the customs, you'll be expected to share your dress choice with the mother of the groom so she could pick hers accordingly. You'll be clicking lots of pictures together so sticking to harmonizing hues is always a better idea. Of course, your dresses don't have to match, but they can be similar to look good in a frame. Also, three months will leave you enough bracket for alterations, fittings, and final touches.

5. When & How to Get Ready for the Big Day?

Just Before the Wedding & Independently

You don't have to depend on the bride to help you doll up. Let it be her choice. If she wishes to get ready with her bride tribe, don't take it personally. Instead, invite the groom's mother, your sisters, friends, and other family members for your own little glam up sesh. Get your mani and pedi done a day before the wedding, and have your makeup and hair done a couple of hours prior to the ceremony. Do not overlook yourself and only trust a professional for the job.

Also, while selecting mother of the bride dresses, trust the best designers only. We highly recommend Mon Cheri, Jovani, Alyce Paris, and Soulmates. These designers have stunning options for mums. It's your special day too so remember to look your best!
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