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Your Guide to Cocktail Party Dress Code

Your Guide to Cocktail Party Dress Code

Cocktail dresses are the go-to garment for a variety of elegant parties, formal and semi-formal events.

If it seems to you that 'cocktail attire' is an empty phrase that is just stamped on the invitation without any purpose, maybe you should try to consider the context of the event details, and then it might start to make a bit more sense. Pay attention to the information including what is the purpose of the event, in addition to the place and time. Your friend's wedding that will take a place in a fancy hotel would require different attire than a corporate event scheduled earlier in the afternoon or an evening cocktail party held in a restaurant.

The trick is to find the balance between your old classic look and the latest trends, keeping in mind what dress best suits your body type. Check this guide if you need a fresh perspective for buying a cocktail dress that will allow your personality to shine at any party or social event.

Keep the Host in Mind

If your host is more on the old-fashioned side, keep your dress more traditional. Party at your friend’s who is an avant-garde designer would require a different outfit than a cocktail party at your husband's conservative parents.

Embrace Glamour

Extravagant cocktail dresses and glitzy jewelry are the way to go, even if it seems like that’s outside of your comfort zone. However, if the dress features sequins, beading or any ornamentation, it's better to opt for simple jewelry like small bracelets or hoop earrings, and let the dress be the staple of your look.

Go Beyond the LBD

Remember Karl Lagerfeld saying that one is never over-dressed or under-dressed with a Little Black Dress? It would be a pity to limit yourself to only black options. Play with colors instead — soft pastels are great choice for spring time, for summer you can go for something bold and bright. Now during the fall/winter season we recommend earth tones, greys and warm neutrals. This unique cocktail dress in smoke grey is a great alternative to the little black dress.

If in Doubt — Simplify

In case you are afraid of being overdressed, a minimalist short dress in navy blue is a chic, yet elegant option. Embellish with suitable jewelry for extra glamour — you can never go wrong with a pair of beautiful pearl earrings.

Dress That Emphasizes Your Best Features

Don’t let your insecurities stop you from highlighting your best features. Different cocktail dresses highlight different parts of the body. Choose a focal point to the whole outfit that will draw the attention either to the face, the bust, your waist, or legs. Cocktail dress with low back draws attention to a graceful shoulders and neck, and a dress that ends a few inches above the knee highlights shapely legs.

Best Jewelry for a Little Black Dress

Because of its incredible versatility, the classic little black dress can see you through a casual event or a formal cocktail party. When you choose when to wear this timeless piece, it all comes down to the jewelry. Pair your black cocktail dress with fine jewelry in any color (almost everything goes with black). You may consider a sparkling bracelet and bold rings if the neckline is higher than usual.

When It Comes to Handbags, Less Is More

Cocktail parties are no-carryall zone. Larger handbags are considered too informal, choose a handheld small purse, mini-purse with very thin straps or clutch to fit the bare essentials.

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