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What to Wear to the Gym

Having the right workout clothes for the gym can help motivate you and feel more comfortable when you're burning up a sweat. When it comes to dressing for the gym, functionality should be your highest priority.

Forget about wearing men's castoffs when there are so many brands out there that offer comfortable and functional gym wear that is feminine and fashionable at the same time.

Here are the gym necessities every woman should own.

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Choose three-quarter-length cropped pants, that way you won’t have to adjust them during inversion poses.

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Forget about loose-fitting T-shirts that might fall over your head while you’re upside down. Short-shorts are also a mustn’t, as they can be really revealing when you are in particular poses.

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Indoor Cycling

Wear proper footwear. Running shoes are not recommended for aerobics classes and cross trainers are not very good for running. However, sports stores may offer you gait analysis that will help you select the correct shoe for different activity.

Your bottoms should be also based on the type of exercise in the gym. These lightweight shorts are made from soft and breathable fabric and are perfect for indoor cycling.

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When it comes to hair and makeup, it's understandable that you want to look presentable even when you are in a gym, but heavy makeup is a definite no. If you must wear makeup anyway, choose very light foundation that will not clog your pores. Add a waterproof mascara and pull your hair out of your face.

Weight Lifting

Well-fitting sports bras reduce the risk of upper-body pain and ease the back strain. Purchasing a supportive sports bra can really make the difference between a solid workout and a painful experience.

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A fitted top tank top with a sports bra underneath and three-quarter-length leggings are always a great choice.

And don’t forget to remove any bangles or loose jewelry! Sometimes even a ring can cause a hazard.

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If your instinct tells you to wear as few clothes as possible in order to stay cool, note that covering up with few layers may actually provide you with great benefits during your dance classes.

Wearing a hoodie during the exercise will improve your circulation and help keep your muscles and joints warm, lessening the risk of strains and injuries. The extra sweating will burn more calories, and if you choose the right sweater it will keep you warm and dry at the same time.

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If you are not fan of layering while in gym, a simple shirt made of fabric that keeps moisture away from your skin would also do the job.

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