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What Fabric is Your Dress Made Of?

What Fabric is Your Dress Made Of?

We’ve all felt that slight twinge of envy whenever we see our favorite stars walking down the red carpet in designer masterpieces. Luckily, you wouldn’t have to spend a fortune just so you can look like a Hollywood star. Below, we list down the most common fabrics that designers use in their creations--who knows, you might be able to come up with your own design that can get you the best dressed award!


Velvet is one of the most widely used fabrics when it comes to creating red carpet dresses that turn heads. Once reserved for royalty because of its costly price tag, this fabric is now a mainstay in special occasion lines because of its impressive quality. Velvet is a dense fabric made of cotton, linen, or silk pile with a strong sheen and a smooth texture. It’s very soft to touch and its surface has the tendency to shimmer. The catch? Velvet can get quite fragile when 


Tulle is rarely used on its own but it makes a great accent when paired alongside other fabrics. It is often starched to create a structured, albeit stiff, look. Despite its delicate appearance, this lightweight fabric is actually pretty sturdy due to its bobbinet design, wherein the wrapped threads are able to maintain their hexagonal structure through tension. 


Chiffon is another lightweight fabric that is often seen in formal occasions and red carpet events. It is incredibly sheer which make it the perfect fabric for piling and draping to achieve the weightless look. Since chiffon is thin and loosely woven, it’s prone to fraying and snagging, so be extra careful!


When dresses made of jersey first appeared in 1916, renowned designer and fashion legend Coco Chanel received so much backlash for her designs because the fabric was then associated solely with men’s underwear. Nowadays, the people’s reception of jersey is wholly different. This soft and stretchy fabric is favored by designers and fashionistas alike for its insulating properties.


Crepe isn’t just good as a dessert because its textile counterpart is just as impressive. There are many types of crepe, although all of them are made either from silk, wool, or synthetic fiber. This lightweight fabric has a crinkled appearance and texture that makes it perfect for all kinds of style, especially if you’re going for the graceful, flowy, look.


Of course, what would this list be if we don’t include the most recognizable red carpet fabric amongst all? Its eye-catching luster makes it hard to miss in every formal event. It’s not difficult to deduce why satin is favored by celebrities and designers alike--this fabric achieved timeless status because of its versatility and durability. Because it’s thicker compared to other fabrics, satin is used in gowns and dresses that require more structure, like ball gowns

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