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Victoria Beckham Makes Basic Outfit Look Fab

Victoria Beckham Makes Basic Outfit Look Fab

Posh Spice was spotted in the streets of NY in time for the New York Fashion Week dressed in a seemingly ordinary outfit that looks anything but. The fashion icon is usually garbed in designer pieces even when she’s simply walking the pavements; this time, however, Victoria clearly opted for comfort in a white shirt and a pair of flared jeans. While this combo would seem simple to many, the fashion designer, model, and singer knew how to work her way around the outfit to make it look polished.

Flared jeans reached its heyday during the 90s, which was coincidentally the peak of Spice Girls’ stardom. Does this mean that the style icon is trying to relive the era? We’ll never know for sure, but there’s one thing we don’t doubt: Victoria can make even the most boring tee look high fashion. Wondering how you can take this tried-and-tested combo a notch higher? Pay attention to details! This white tee from Gold Hawk has a unique cutout design at the back and an asymmetrical hem, while this pair of boyfriend jeans has distressed details in strategic places that takes the attention away from the usual problem areas. 

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