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The Latest Winter Dresses 2020 Trends You Can't Underestimate

The Latest Winter Dresses 2020 Trends You Can't Underestimate

Winter is back again! It is undoubtedly one of the most exciting times for fashion enthusiasts and people who believe in the new turns and blends winter brings to the fashion every year.

2020 is just a month away and the fashion industry is geared up to welcome it in its own way with Winter Dresses and accessories. Just like winter, wedding season is also here with a fashion trend of its own.

In this blog, we will introduce you to some sexy winter dresses and winter wedding dresses that will complete your wardrobe for the long-awaited winters.

Velvet is Back!

The traditional velvet never goes out of style when it comes to picking up fabric for casual winter dresses, and it has proven the same this year too. Velvet dresses from of all lengths are back with a bang, and this year, they are here with some new poppy colors and designs.

A very special thing about velvet is that as good as it is for an evening dress, it also slays when it comes to winter bridesmaid dresses. Pick some poppy velvet dresses and plan a beautiful wedding, keeping up with tradition as well as trends.

Sherri Hill - 52144 Strapless Velvet Ball Dress

Strapless Velvet Ball Dress By Sherri Hill 52144

The Good Old Leather!

The best thing about winter collection is that it brings the comfort and class of leather dresses back. 2020 is coming with a blend of new and old school, when it comes to winter party dresses.

Bold High Neck Leather Dress La Femme 24022

Bold High Neck Leather Dress By La Femme 24022

Leather is back with all its glory and class, and the best thing about it is that along with the classic black, this time it is here with some other shades of the rainbow that are going to be one of the top trends this year. Pick some colors of hard-hitting leather and get your wardrobe ready for the party this winter.

Fur Coats to Top it Off!

Well, sweaters and jackets are okay; but when it comes to class and giving out a statement of style, nothing beats a fur coat. The best thing about fur coats is that when it comes to choosing winter dresses for women they can be paired with almost anything; from winter cocktail dresses to winter Maxi Dresses, they will go with every style.

But that’s not it, fur coats are also best in the wedding fashion, pair white winter dresses and other winter wedding outfits with a long fur coat to keep it cozy and trendy at the same moment.

Two-Toned Dresses are Big!

Bored with regular solid colors and age old patterns of dresses? Don’t worry; this winter is bringing a new and catchy trend of two toned sweater dresses that are here to stay. Two toned dresses are showing up already in fashion shows and giving an artistic blend to the normal shades and designs.

Plunging V-Neck Pleated Ombre Gown By Ieena Duggal 20221i

Plunging V-Neck Pleated Ombre Gown By Ieena Duggal 20221i

Two toned dresses or ombre gowns can also be a great choice for bridesmaid dresses. Along with dresses, 2020 has also brought uniquely designed two toned blazers and cardigans. 

Pick some of these and get geared up for this New Year’s Eve and fashion trends of 2020; because this year with the blend of old and new, it is going to be something extraordinary in both street as well as wedding fashion.
Happy winter!

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