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How To Shop And Style A Wedding Dress | A Guide For A Bride

How To Shop And Style A Wedding Dress | A Guide For A Bride

The sky fills with the color of love when two souls tie knots for a lifetime. Yes, we are talking about weddings, the wonderful affairs when a bride dresses up like a fairy to create her own fairytale with her prince charming. Speaking of dresses, the 2021’s fashion rage passionately offers trailblazing wedding dresses for blushing brides to let them feel on seventh heaven.

From princess style ball gowns to diva kinda sexy sheath dresses, the section of wedding dresses 2021 has a lot to offer to dreamers. That being said, it is never that simple to say ‘YES’ to a perfect wedding dress out of ample assortments.

Luckily, we are here to help! With our ultimate shopping guide for brides, we will help you get hold of every detail about wedding fashion you are looking for.

Let’s get started!


A bridal dress is not merely a piece of couture; it’s a stuff of dreams for every girl, and most importantly, the brides-to-be. Though it isn’t uncommon, it remains the most special part of a wedding and will forever be!

Weddings have always been red-letter occasions meant to secure love between two people. However, in medieval times, they were more about the political affairs or business deals between the families. As a part of which brides have to doll up in unique marriage purpose dresses to represent themselves as precious.

The introduction of white wedding purpose dresses also hold a specific meaning. The color white is used to delineate the purity and virginity of a bride. Fortunately, this isn’t the case in present times. Brides no longer count on such cliché beliefs and choose the wedding dresses of their choice. For modern women, a bridal outfit is all about beauty, love, and a way to feel special.


Shopping for wedding dresses is a cock-a-hoop feeling for brides-to-be. However, the same comes up with a lot of questions and doubts.

If you, too, are in two minds, check out our FAQs about wedding dresses, listing the common questions by brides from all over the world.

1. When Should I Start Shopping For A Bridal Dress?

Your wedding is the most gala occasion of your life. To ensure that you show up picture-perfect at the altar, it is a must for you to start shopping for a wedding dress at least six months before. This will help you have enough time to choose the flattering style and get it altered as per your size.

2. Does A Wedding Dress Need To Be Expensive Always?

Undoubtedly, designer wedding dresses are worth thousands of dollars, but this does not mean that you have to spend big bucks. Instead, we suggest you set your budget in advance and look for the styles you can afford. Clearance sales and seasonal sales are also great options to buy a wedding dress at cheap prices.

3. Can I Wear A Short Wedding Dress?

As we envision a wedding dress, we always think of a long flared gown with its train waving on the floor. However, as the fashion world broke new ground recently, you can take pleasure in several other options of your dreams. Short wedding dresses are a hot trend these days, perfect for walking down the aisle during summers.


Wedding dress shopping is an exciting yet endeavoring extravaganza. Apart from shapes and silhouettes, there are bountiful things that you have to keep in mind before shopping for wedding dresses. Not sure about them? Have a glance below:

1. Be An Early Bird

You must have heard, “Early bird catches the worm.” We have already mentioned in the wedding dresses FAQs that shopping early for a wedding helps you relish many benefits. So, just hit the wedding dress stores six to eight months before and ensure that you have extra shopping time.

2. Regard Your Comfort

You may get enthralled looking at exclusive wedding dress styles in 2021. But, amidst myriads of dazzling options, don’t forget to regard your comfort. Remember - A style that will offer both comfort and charm altogether will be the ‘ONE’ for you.

3. Do A Trial Run

We suggest you do a trial run of your bridal look a few months before your wedding. Make sure that all the elements of a wedding dress, that is, fabric, neckline, sleeves, silhouette, and color suit your personality brilliantly.

4. Keep In Line With Trends

Following the fashion trends is vital if you have always daydreamed about flaunting an ultra-modern bridal statement. Some trending wedding dress styles in 2021 cover sequin sheath, adorned mermaid, lace applique ball gown, feather fringe a-line, lace tiered gown, and more.


It’s 2021; you have a chance to get a thrill out of several colors in wedding dresses. However, the two most popular wedding dress colors that almost all brides love are - White and Ivory.

Let’s find out which is perfect for you!


A bridal look is always incomplete without the right wedding dress accessories paired with the dress. If you have no or a little idea about accessories, you can take a cue below:

1. Veil or No Veil - Up To You!

Veil or no veil - a trendy wedding dress will always help you appear like a pretty princess while you will walk down the aisle. You can skip a veil if you yearn for a casual or chic bridal look.

But if you are going for a traditional look, there is nothing breathtaking than wearing a wedding dress veil. Make sure that the veil matches the color of your dress. Besides, choose a simple veil with a detailed dress, and vice versa for creating a perfect balance of style.

Pick The Matching Jewelry

Jewelry that flawlessly matches your wedding dress color is something you need to strike a stunning impression. Gold accessories with ivory wedding dresses and diamond or silver accessories with white wedding dresses are a seamless example of what we are talking about.

Wear Comfy Shoes

Your wedding is the event of your dreams. Make sure to have a ball by feeling comfortable all day long. For that, you need to cherry-pick the shoes that do not cause pain in your feet. While sneakers and ballerinas are always a chic option, you can also go for block heels if you wish to add some height.

Check Optional Wedding Dress Accessories

If you like to try her hand on creativity, you can take pleasure in some optional accessories. Tiara, bridal sash, wedding dress belt, and ring cuff bracelet are some options to satisfy your craze.

In A Nutshell

Shopping for wedding dresses is delightful but hectic. From choosing the shape of your dress to finding the matching accessories, there are many things that you have to consider. But now that you know how to get your hands on a perfect wedding dress, are you ready to go on a spree?

If yes, start browsing the collection of Couture Candy’s wedding dresses to buy the ‘ONE’ of your dreams.

Hurry, let your romantic adventure begin in style!

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