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Here's What Happened to Milan Fashion Week 2023

Paris is not just the city of love but it is where fashion lives. Fashion couture started in Paris known as the capital of the fashion world. Why? French fashion brands known all over the world came from Paris. French fashion designers such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton, and Dior. Fashion designers all over the world go to the city of love to study fashion. As the capital of the fashion world, let’s see what happened during Milan fashion week. Are you excited? So Am I!


This is Not the History of Fashion but the People-Prada


The famous fashion brand Prada once again showcases their wit. As for the head designer of Prada, Miuccia said “This collection is about the history of women, the history of people, not the history of fashion” very well said! Again for the autumn/winter 2023 collection, labeled as "An Ideology of Prada," designers Miuccia Prada and Raf Simons stated they followed a concept of pulling back looks from past presentations.


Here’s the Ideology of Prada for Fall/Spring 2023 



The Artistic Director of Dior Men and Fendi Womenswear & Haute Couture-Kim Jones


Despite the busy schedule managing different luxury brands, Jones never fails to present their collections of classic looks. He was inspired after seeing the Memphis-print vintage blouse of Delfina Delettrez’s mom. As the catwalk was led by Bella Hadid wearing Fendi’s sheer dress partner with a fur jacket. We can see how a model gives a different aura- a delicate look that features a feminine side. 


Fendi’s Autumn/Winter 2023 Collection to See



Aside from classic style, Kim Jones features a “celestial Rome” design for Fendi. Wherein every gown represents different meanings. 


Giorgio Armani- The King of Elegance 


As pandemics and war occur, he was the first designer that does not use music for his runway as a sign of respect. With his crystal-encrusted gowns glistening, it’s like giving light to what is happening right now. Armani joined the Russian protest using Fashion Week's global exposure, and as the industry's most senior designer, he once again exhibited the sensitivity and responsibility that would form part of his reputation as a man with the proper heart.


Vibrant King of Western Fashion-Moschino


Jeremy Scott's Moschino collection features an out of "Beauty and the Beast" theme like for Milan fashion week. Surreal feelings emerge on how amazing his designs are. We can’t wait to have his newest collections.


Here’s what you will look forward to have:


The Exquisite Gucci


They're noted for their unconventional styling, which incorporates retro, quirky, and kitschy elements. In addition, the designer stunned the Milan crowd with his Adidas collaborative line. As Michele said, “Clothes are capable of reflecting our image in an expanded and transfigured dimension… wearing them means to cross a transformative threshold where we become something else.” It totally clicks us!


Take look at the exquisite Gucci in Milan Fashion Week 2023 


Versace will Never Lose

Donatella Versace's fall 2023 ready-to-wear collection is dominated by power shoulders, tight waists, and all things elegant and sultry. Her minimalist designs with spandex clinging pieces invite to our club nights, while her use of houndstooth and checkered prints, as well as oversized blazers, are classics to the '90s and '00s.


Here's The Versace 2023 Milan Fashion Week Collection



Fashion updates really excite us with their new trends and collections to have! Get your newest trend collection for fall/winter 2023!

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