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Green For The Glam! Your Guide To Style Green Dresses For Prom

Green For The Glam! Your Guide To Style Green Dresses For Prom

Matching with nature, you can be more magical in green. 💚

Softer, mintier, calm, and serene; the blend of all, ‘Green’ is a hot trend in the fashion world today. Not only does it add wings of hope, but it also makes a teen girl look mesmerizing without much effort. Probably it is why every second fashion monger plumps for green dresses for their prom extravaganzas.

What’s more exciting is that there is a shade of green for every girl. Teal, Kelly, Turquoise, Lime, Fern, Sea green, and more! Any color would help a girl cut a dash on prom when carried with perfection.

As experts have set forth ‘Green’ as a prime color of the world, you can own its loveliness in the form of Emerald green gowns. If this is something that sparks your fantasies, have a look at our guide to style a green dress like a pro. Let’s start!

Your Accessories Selection Should Be Bold And Beautiful With Dark Green

Dark green prom dresses are a way to brighten up the ambiance of the event, but they go a lot more lavish when paired with the right accessories. Shoot for the bold and beautiful jewel pieces, or one in the same shade to dress up to the nines. Gold, black, dark blue, brown, and dark grey are a few best options to marry with your gleaming green evening dresses.

What’s The Season? Count It As A Reason To Play With The Right Shade Of Green

The ‘Green’ is gigantic with more than 50 shades. Be it summer, winter, autumn, or spring; you can always be a showstopper at prom or any event with the right hue in your closet.

Say, for example -

Summers - Doll up in pastel or blush shades in summers like sea green, sage green, and mint green. Make sure to complement your light green prom dress with subtle accessories and makeup.

Spring - Spring calls for brighter and catchy colors like Neon, Kelly, and Lime. Emerald gowns with floral prints are always ‘YAY’ in a blossoming spring season.

Winter - Winter is meant to go bold and stunning. Sharp and sophisticated options such as Fern, Olive, and Forest green prom dresses add wonders to your look in chilly weather.

Autumn - In Autumn, you can dress up in the warmer shade of green gowns when going to show up at events like a diva. Hunter, Pine, and Sacramento are some great color choices.

Try Trendy Silhouettes

Not just the magic and positivity, but Emerald prom green dresses can also help you throw sass around like confetti with a wide range of stunning silhouettes. Hook for the mermaid and trumpet-style green evening dresses if you like to show off your flattering figure. Ball gowns and A-line dresses, on the other hand, are best to make your fairy tale dreams come true.

The choice of silhouettes in Emerald gowns also depends on your body type. Curvy chics can deck out in A-line or sheath green prom dresses to flaunt their curves unapologetically.

This was all about your oomph for green dresses for the gala prom event. Now that you have an idea how to style like a pro, bump into the Couture Candy for shopping for exclusive Emerald green dresses that will surely go to help you flaunt your exquisite statement with panache.

Cheers To Your Glitz and Glam!

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