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All You Need to Know About Finding the Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress

All You Need to Know About Finding the Perfect Mother of the Bride Dress

Of course, a daughter’s wedding is one of the most special events for the mother. She looks forward to seeing her little child turn into a beautiful woman and embark on a new journey. Naturally, every mum would love to look simply perfect during this special celebration but the wedding shopping and all the arrangements can often push things aback.

Wedding seasons witness a lot of rush in stores and it often gets quite difficult to find exactly what you’re looking for. That is why we have come up with a list of important things that you need to consider before starting to look for an MOB gown, as it will certainly narrow down your choices and make things quite easier for you.

The Bridal Gown

It is absolutely necessary that you take the bridal gown into consideration before moving to the mother of the bride gowns section. The mother and daughter bond will be showcased via their spot-on attire and dresses that compliment each other. Whether it is the color, the style, designs or the train— you have to make sure that there is some sort of coordination between the two dresses. After all, the mother is the most important part of the bride’s entourage! Since the bridal gown is obviously bought beforehand, it will be even easier to build your vision based on that. Make sure you seek inspiration from the bride's dress, but do not overshadow her on her big day. You don't want to come across as a look-alike.

Check out these mother of the bride dresses 2021 that will complement the traditional white wedding gowns —

Mon Cheri Mother of the Bride

Shop Styles: Ivonne D for Mon Cheri 117d70, Cameron Blake by Mon Cheri 114662, Montage by Mon Cheri 120903

The Wedding Venue

Before you set out to buy gorgeous sequined mother of the bride gowns or similar other bedazzled options, take a moment to think whether that will be appropriate for the venue. For instance, if it is a beach wedding or a celebration in a mountain setting, you’d want anything but bead embellishments. Something sophisticated and chic would be fine here. However, if it is a big fancy hall, you can go for something shimmering gorgeous in rich exquisite fabrics.

These choices might get your attention:

Cameron Blake Mother of the Bride Dresses
Shop Styles: Mon Cheri 120d02w119647

The Season

While you do wedding shopping, one of the most important factors that will dominate your decisions is the season. Is your daughter getting married during the sunny summer or snowy winter or charming fall, or colourful spring? Each season has its own beautiful attributes that need to be reflected in the attire. For instance, a summer wedding would witness a lot of women in sundresses featuring light fabrics. Similarly, a winter wedding is different with heavy fabrics and possibly long sleeves. Once you think about the particular season, it gets a lot easier to eliminate the ones that aren’t suitable and focus on the ones that are.
Here are some special items suitable for all seasons:

Montage Mother of Bride Dresses
Shop Styles: Mon Cheri 120905119645 & 120916

Pro tip — If you make a choice without taking the season into consideration, there is a chance of ending up with a fabric that can make you uncomfortable, and no mum would want that on this special day.

Skirt or Pants?

Even though gowns are traditional and preferred by most mums, there are some who don’t like to go by the tradition and want to make a statement. Before setting out to buy a mother of the bride gown, you need to be clear whether you want a gown or a pantsuit. The latter is more regal, formal, chic and edgy, while the former is a bit on the gorgeous and dramatic side along with being traditional. If both are equally appealing to you and you cannot seem to reach a decision, there is always the option of an over-skirt.
Shop from these amazing mother of the bride dresses to make a statement:

Mon Cheri Mother of Bride Dresses CC
Shop Styles: Mon Cheri 119936 & 218610

If you are going with skirts only, there is more to it. For instance, choosing the length is the main part. Some mums want to go with a knee-length option, while others prefer full-length gowns. Your choice must depend on the season, type of venue, and of course, your personal comfort.

Sexy or Modest?

While there are many ways to decide whether you want a sexy option or wish to look modest, some basic things to think over before that are the silhouette, length and neckline. If you go with a fitted silhouette, your curves will be on display and that will give your look an alluring, sexy edge. Similarly, if you choose a flaring skirt, it’s more on the modest side. Try to avoid the mini length or an extremely scandalous neckline as it might not be age-appropriate or quite suitable for the event, especially a chapel wedding. The perfect options for mums are sweetheart, V-neck, off-shoulder, and illusion necklines.

Choose from the best here:

Shop Styles: Mon Cheri 211839 & 120624

The 2021 mother of the bride dress collection at Couture Candy has showcased the most stylish and amazing items by designer brands such as Terani Couture, Alyce Paris, Mon Cheri, Soulmate, and so on at the best prices online. Don’t worry about sizes because the collection includes everything — from plus size mother of the bride dresses to size XS.

Happy shopping!

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