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Blake Lively Looks Stunning in Pinstripe Suit on Set

Blake Lively Looks Stunning in Pinstripe Suit on Set

The Green Lantern star and mother-of-two is a certified busy bee. Blake Lively turned 30 last August 25, but since she was busy filming for A Simple Favor in Toronto, so the in-demand actress was left with no other choice but to celebrate it on set. We bet she had quite the time though since she was accompanied by fellow lead and all-around funny gal Anna Kendrick. Here she is caught on camera strutting in a three-piece pinstripe suit. Did we mention she looked gorgeous? We didn’t?? Well she is. Look at how she owned that ensemble. We can imagine her doing her thing in the runway and effortlessly making people’s jaws drop in the process.

The outfit is most likely a part of her character’s costume, but that doesn’t mean you can’t wear a suit if you’re not playing a role in a murder mystery film. The days of suits only being strictly for men are long gone, and designers have gone through great lengths to tailor pieces that will reflect the wearer’s femininity while exuding strength and sophistication at the same time. Check out these stylish numbers we’ve personally handpicked from our collection.

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