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Beauty on the Beach: Last Minute Tricks to Be Bikini Ready

It’s that time of the year. Your sun-destination vacation is right around the corner and you always freak out because you don’t have the time to tone up before your beach getaway? There’s no need. If you skipped eating healthy and exercising regularly during the year, these tricks will have you beach ready in no time and make you looking fabulous in your swimsuit. 

From confidence-boosting beauty tips to optical illusions, here are few hacks on how to look fantastic in a bikini on the fly.

Trim Down with a Tan

A little bit of a good fake tan can go a long way to looking thinner and boosting your confidence. Subtle tan will improve the appearance of cellulite and will make your limbs look more toned. The best part is that it only takes few minutes in a spray booth. 

If you decide to do it at your home, don't’ forget to exfoliate first, then spray on a thin and even layer of self-tanner and let it sit for about 30 minutes.



Stand Up Straight

Posture can affect your mood and behavior, and it can always make you look better. People who stand up straight look slimmer, leaner and are perceived as more attractive. 

Aside from looking confident, strong and more attractive, good posture is important for the body to functionate at it’s best. When standing, sitting or lying with correct posture the body is able to use the muscles in the correct alignment, therefore decrease wear and tear on the body and reduce stress on the spine.

 One Piece Swimsuit


Pull Off Some Jewelry

If you want to take the focus away from your thighs and tum, jazz up your swimsuit with some bling. Hoops, studs, bold necklace or a dozen of midi rings, you can accessorize depending on the swimsuit you have, taking your look from simple to dazzling. If you plan on having cocktails on a boat, go for something even more luxe. Choose a set of chandelier earrings to make your look more glamorous. If you want to keep it sleek and minimal just put on a set of thin silver or gold bracelets that will add an air of sophistication to your beach look.

swimsuit Jewelry


Find Your Dream Suit

Bikini shopping may not be the funniest task to do, but the easiest part is that you can get away with a whole lot more simple than usual because, well you are at the beach. Before investing in your bathing suit, decide what you want to look like: Do you want to accentuate your waist, camouflage your tum or make your bust bigger? 

You can always help yourself and check our online shop for variety of different Couture Candy swimsuits.



Last but Not Least, Think Gorgeous!

Even the best bikini in the world can look unflattering if you are keeping your shoulders hunched. Show off what you've got! Add a confident attitude, keep your shoulders back and hold your chin up. 

Think, feel and know that you are beautiful and sexy, let the holiday sun caress your skin because winter will be back soon enough!

beautiful and sexy bikini

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