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Ball Gown with Heels or Sneakers?

Ball Gown with Heels or Sneakers?


Be the Belle of your prom wearing an exquisite ball gown. With its bodice that accentuates your waist and a layered sweep train that adds glamour. Nevertheless, confidence is our winning key to any outfit we have. Style without confidence won’t let you shine, have your own iconic style for your prom. Now, let’s have a talk about your shoe style that will give you a style that they won’t forget.


Tired of Heels? Wear Sneakers!




A ball gown with sneakers is not something new and in fact, even celebrities wear one at award ceremonies. Millie Bobby Brown wore converse shoes at the 2018 SAG awards and she totally nailed it! Rihanna, who is famously known as “Riri”, did exactly the same. Wearing a blue ball gown with sneakers makes her shine more than she ever was. Sneakers won’t downgrade your style and the truth is, you’ll have the street style combined with a sophisticated aura that your gown has. Here’s a list of ball gowns that you can pair with sneakers. Check it out!





Inspired by Rihanna's blue ball gown, this strapless tiered ruffled taffeta ball gown from Tarik Ediz will make you look enchanting. Look magnificent in this embellished strapless ball gown with a tulle skirt. Pair it with your sneakers and you will surely shine like a modern princess that will capture everyone’s eye.


Why Choose Sneakers?

Wearing a ball gown is quite exhausting with its heavy fabric. Pairing it with sneakers will help you feel more comfortable and of course, you can easily walk without thinking of your heavy ball gown. You may already have a pair of Air Force Ones or Vans slip-ons in your wardrobe that you can wear with your dream gown.





Choose a sparkly sneaker specifically for the occasion from the Keds x Kate Spade collab or one of Tretorn's sequined styles if you want to grab something a bit more unique. You'll not only be the last female on the dance floor with these shoes and dress combinations and your feet won't hurt either. But still, we all know that heels will never get out of options. Let’s get through it!


Heels Never Gets Old

Elegant and sophisticated look is what most girls want especially for a big event such as prom. Heels are a fashion statement that will let you enjoy your event at the fullest. Choosing your perfect shoes for the right dress is similar to combining champagne with the correct cuisine that requires taste, experience, and, most importantly, an expanded taste. Here’s a list of different heels that you can pair with your stunning ball gowns.






When it comes to formal gatherings, this is one of the most popular types of high heels. If you choose the appropriate pair of stilettos, they may be worn perfectly with everything. Stilettos have traditionally paired well with long, billowing full-length gowns.


Platform Heels



With it’s bratz-like style, this type of heel is comfortable to wear and very eye-catching. More edgy, yet perfect pair with a short dress as well as a full-length gown which is a celebrity favorite.





This type of heel is best for long events. Your feet won’t get hurt in a short period of time. Shorter hemlines make your legs appear longer with wedge heels and they look much better.

You’re Beautiful Whatever you Choose




No matter what you’re going to wear, I’m sure you’re absolutely gorgeous! Choose whatever makes you comfortable and pair it with your confidence. Cause confidence is your? Yes, that’s right! Your winning key. Classy, chic, or vintage style, no matter what you choose you will always dazzle like a diva!

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