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A Complete Guide To Shopping For The Perfect Homecoming Dresses

A Complete Guide To Shopping For The Perfect Homecoming Dresses

Hello Homecoming :)

Homecoming 2021 is on the cards for the autumn! As the day comes with a bundle of joy in the form of dance, football play-off, and most importantly, the euphoric feeling of making memories with school friends, we all like to go on a spree in style.

For girls, shopping is at the heart of homecoming. Be it a die-hard fashionista or not, every girl likes to strike a stunning statement on this gala day. It is why we at Couture Candy are passionate about presenting the exclusive homecoming dresses in 2021.

However, if you are someone who hasn’t been to homecoming or does not exactly know what is homecoming, fret not! We are here to clear all your doubts, along with some expert tips on how to find perfect homecoming dresses for your hunky fashion game.

Jump into the homecoming guide to be the stylish HOMECOMING QUEEN of the year!


Some of you might not have attended the homecoming (HoCo) before. So, in case you aren’t buff about what is HoCo, it is a tradition in high schools and colleges in the United States and Canada to welcome back old alumni to celebrate the organization’s existence.

The HoCo meaning first originated by the Universities of Missouri, Illinois, and Baylor around 1910. They are the true begetters of HOMECOMING who celebrated the event with rallies, parades, speeches, football, and dances, making it a big hit. Since then, Homecoming is organized in full swing across the nation.

1. When Is Homecoming Celebrated?

Do you know what year is the homecoming? It often takes place in late September or early October, that is, at the beginning of the autumn. You can say that - Homecoming is a prom in the fall (in many ways).

2. What Is Homecoming About?

As the HoCo is an annual tradition of welcoming former students or members, it consists of plentiful activities to mark the day as memorable. These include a banquet or dance, parades, and outdoor games. It is mainly about celebrating the first football game of the season.


Now that you know what homecoming means, let’s get back to our glam part - HOMECOMING DRESSES. While the guys know their choice straight, that is, dressing up in a suit, girls are often in a daze about choosing the perfect homecoming dress out of an ample assortment.

To help all of you girls, here we have listed down the answers to the most common doubts related to homecoming outfits.

1. Which Is The Appropriate Style For Homecoming?

As homecoming comprises dance and games as a part of the celebration, you are supposed to wear short homecoming dresses to be on the loose for the whole day. Ones with knee or tea-length are also appropriate for the occasion.

2. What Not To Wear At Homecoming?

No doubt, homecoming is a school event, but it isn’t exactly like prom. Thus, you should not wear fairy or princess-style prom ball gowns. Any style in homecoming dresses that is neither too casual nor too formal is counted as perfect.

3. Is It Cool To Wear Long Dresses At Homecoming?

Though the recent trends mainly favor short or mini dresses, you can also wear long homecoming dresses as long as they are not heavy-detailed. Make sure that the edge of your long homecoming gown isn’t too flowy; otherwise, you will end up feeling uncomfortable for the entire day.

4. Can I Wear Sexy Styles For Homecoming?

Homecoming is a semi-formal event, which means that you ought to consider the school dress code. However, in case your school hasn’t set a strict dress code, you can dress up in sexy homecoming dresses, considering that you should not show off too much skin.

Having a grasp of the latest homecoming dresses trends is awe-inspiring. But to dress up to the nines, you should also know how to find perfect homecoming dresses for yourself. By perfect, we meant the ‘ONE’ that is most flattering to your body type and revamp your style to OTT. Let’s learn about it!

1. Be Mindful Of Your School Dress Code

To look picture-perfect for homecoming, it is essential to have a squint at your school dress code before starting with shopping. Knowing what type of styles in homecoming dresses are acceptable will help you narrow down your choices easily.

2. Pick According To Your Body Type

A dress looks a lot attractive when picked in line with your body shape. If you are slim or hourglass, hook for the body-fit mini or midi homecoming dresses for accentuating your shape. In contrast, curvy girls look as pretty as a picture in a-line homecoming dresses with plunging necklines.

3. Consider Your Height

Apart from your body shape, your height also plays a big role in helping you cherry-pick the perfect outfit. For instance, tall girls can easily rock in midi or maxi homecoming dresses, no matter the style. At the same time, petite girls should go for mini homecoming dresses and pair them with heels for an illusion of elongated length.


Choosing the best color for homecoming dresses can help you captivate all eyes toward yourself. And that’s what is the real holy grail in the fashion world, isn’t it? Here’s how you can do it!

1. Colors According To Skin Tone

You can make the right choice out of bountiful sexy homecoming dresses colors by bearing your skin tone in mind. As in the case of rich and dark colors like emeralds, purple, pink, and blue pop out the complexion of cool-toned girls brilliantly.

Nonetheless, earthen colors like green, brown, orange, warm red, and mustard yellow are the best homecoming dresses colors for warm skin tone. Further, if you own a neutral skin tone, you are good to go with universal colors such as black, white, and even pastels.

2. Colors According To Season

You can make the right choice out of bountiful sexy homecoming dresses colors by bearing your skin tone in mind. As in the case of rich and dark colors like emeralds, purple, pink, and blue pop out the complexion of cool-toned girls brilliantly.


You know! Your homecoming statement is incomplete without the right homecoming dress accessories. Be it makeup, shoes, or jewelry; you need to be on point for stealing all the limelight.

1. Jewelry

A homecoming is indeed a special event, but to feel comfortable while dancing and playing football, we advise you to wear lightweight jewelry. Choose a thin necklace, a sleek bracelet, and light yet stylish earrings to complement your perfect homecoming dress excellently.

Pro Tip: If you have set your heart on sequin or some glitzy dress, you can ditch wearing a necklace for a balanced style game.

2. Shoes

The choice of shoes is totally up to you. Sneakers, ballerinas, and heels; anything with short homecoming dresses would go wonderful. However, you should wear comfortable block heels or wedges with long homecoming dresses to avoid losing your footing because of the long flares.


The type of makeup depends on the color of your homecoming outfit. Go with the subtle or no-makeup look with sparkling, pastels, and dark colors in a homecoming dress for a balancing effect. Black, white, red, and blue homecoming dresses can be married with both subtle or bold makeup.

In The End

Homecoming starts with enthusiasm and ends with the joy of memories. Every school or college wishes to make it a remarkable extravaganza. You can also contribute to the same by dolling up in the perfect homecoming dress that not only matches the school dress code but also accentuates your best features. You can have a glance at our homecoming guide for more information.

Full of beans about it? Wait no more and start shopping for the exclusive homecoming dress at Couture Candy. Carry your best-loved style with confidence and a smile to blaze the trail of homecoming fashion!

Happy Homecoming!

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