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A Complete Guide for a Stress-Free Wedding Dress Shopping Venture

A Complete Guide for a Stress-Free Wedding Dress Shopping Venture

Planning a wedding is indeed stressful, but what’s more stressful? Of course, finding the right wedding dress. It is the most special day for the bride, and she needs to look absolutely flawless. The perfect wedding gown has a major role to play in that. There are so many things to consider before you even start looking for your dream gown. It can certainly be overwhelming.

If you are a would-be bride and would like to go through the entire thing peacefully, check out the following tips that we've shared in our mini yet comprehensive guide. It is a road map to buying the perfect wedding gown for your dream wedding scenario.

1. Fabric
Let’s start with the basics — fabric. Fabrics play a crucial role for a dress to stand out. It also decides your comfort, gives shape to your frame and determines the durability of the outfit. If you are choosing fabrics for wedding dresses, ask yourself which season you’re getting married in. If it is summer, go for something light and breezy that you can carry easily such as —

  • Satin: It has a glossy finish, will give your look a distinctive glamorous edge and is extremely comfortable. It is a fine blend of silk and polyester.
  • Chiffon: Like the previous one, it is also weightless and is an excellent choice if you love a lot of flowiness and detail.
  • Charmeuse: This is a surreal fabric because the insides have a matt finish texture while the outside is shimmery and glistening. Needless to say, this one is also a lightweight fabric.
  • Crepe: This one is also a summer-friendly fabric that is extremely sophisticated and chic.
For spring, fall or winter seasons, go for these:
  • Venice Lace: It will indeed be a spectacular choice for winter. Although being heavy, it looks so intricate and can hold a lot of detailing. This fabric won’t make you uncomfortable or be cold on your big day. Not to mention, it is a regal choice too.
  • Moiré: This fabric has a wavy appearance as it is made from heavy silk or taffeta. If you are having a traditional wedding ceremony or prefer a vintage style, moiré is perfect because it goes well with floral appliques and lace details.
  • Georgette: Having a subtle crepe effect and made from silk, georgette is for brides who would want to display their romantic and feminine side on their wedding day. It keeps you adequately warm during the harsh winters as well.

2. Color
There are brides who clearly want white, and then there are brides who are anything but traditional. A few other shades of white such as champagne, ivory and ultra white can also be considered if you're on the latter end. Take your skin tone or complexion into consideration and see what compliments it the best. Certainly, a number of options need to be tried before you get to the “one”. Your choice for the ceremony begins and ends with you. As they say, “the bride is always right”- it’s your special day so you can go with any shade you prefer (even black or red).

3. Short or Long?
Ideally, long wedding dresses are the trend, but then there are brides who would love to make a unique statement. For them, short wedding dresses are perfect. How about the best of both worlds - a short dress with an overskirt? They are cute, simple and sexy. If you go for the fitted style, tea-length wedding dresses can be a suitable option. They are a fine blend of classic and contemporary. Else, A-line knee-length dresses with lace embroidery or sophisticated beadwork are great as well.

4. Fitted or Flaring?
For most brides, this is the ultimate question that keeps them from finally coming to a decision. Fitted wedding dresses are sexy as they show off your flawless curves, and flaring wedding dresses are more on the dramatic and traditional side. If you want a lavish train finish, search for ball gown dresses featuring a cathedral or a court train. Want to tone down the grandeur a bit? The perfect combination is a fitted silhouette with a train. Our best advice is to have an open mind and put on both before coming to a decision. The silhouette isn't the hardest part! The dress will speak to you.

5. Design
There are more than a hundred designs available. Of course, it is very difficult to choose the perfect design for your wedding dress. But, you know, what will make it easy? Ask yourself whether you want a gorgeous and glamorous look, full of bling, or a simple elegant attire with minimum details. The answer will definitely help you to narrow down the options.

6. Timing
It is one of the most important factors while you shop for wedding dresses online or offline. If you wait till the last minute, there is a high chance that you might have to choose from the clearance rack, and no bride wants that for her wedding. Give yourself a year to ten months’ time to the wedding date and start looking for your dress within that time frame. There will be no rush and you will get a lot of time to try out the latest and best options.

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Happy shopping!

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