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2020 Fashion Trends You Should Prepare For

2020 Fashion Trends You Should Prepare For

Another year is passing by and new fashion trends are at bay. Every season we spot a unique change in the fashion world which takes the world by storm. All the brands, street styles and fashion weeks go at it from their own perspectives. But for any normal person who likes to keep up with styles it is not too easy to follow the flipping trends. Hence, we have taken it to ourselves by noting down all the prominent fashion statements in our little black diary, which will be seen in the beginning of a new decade, that is, the year of 2020. So sit back and flip through the wardrobe adjustments you might like to make next year.

Suit up!

Self Tie Twill Pants Suit Danillo 202166

Formal dresses are a very important wardrobe requirement for professional women. This year the pantsuit vogue was notice to rise and will follow in 2020. But it’s not all boring suits and straight pants. Many brands like Sherry Hill are revamping this attire into a party bombshell. So lookout for glimmer suited ladies next year.

Go Bling-Bling!

Sagittarius Diamond Constellation Necklace By Logan Hollowell 

As street styles have incorporated heavy jewelry into their casual looks, the high end stylists cannot stress enough how much they complete a look. Whether it is big or small, at least one piece of jewelry is necessary to round up your entire look. In cocktail dresses especially, minimalistic addition of jewelry totally transforms the wearer’s personality.

The Lace Affair

Embroidered Lace Short Dress By Sherri Hill 53151

The case for lace is too strong for discussion. Believe it or not, the elegant lace has paved its way back into the special occasion apparel like mother of the bride dresses. They although had always been an integral part of wedding dresses as well, but 2020 is bringing more than that. Lace is making its appearance into short dresses and most importantly casual apparel. Be it casual browses or even shorts, you will find a lace design somewhere. And we are hoping there is more to come!

Polka Dot Mania

If you are a keen fan of polka dots, they have announced a comeback in most fashion events with models walking the runway wearing polka dot apparels. Long dresses or short, they have all truly captured the essence of polka dots in the most creative ways. Feel free to enjoy a beautiful dotted dress or even a jumpsuit in 2020. This style has been redefined by adding its vibrant patterns in party dresses as well.

Body Positivity


 Yes, yes it is technically not a trend. But the past year has been a really positive time for curvy women and 2020 brings more open-minded fashion trends that actually provide high quality plus size dresses. More high end brands in addition to casual brands have opened their wardrobes for more plus size dresses that are as fashionable and trendy as any other dresses. Plus size women won’t have to stick to a few select stores to find a dress of their size for multiple occasions. It is a win for fashion and for the ladies.

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