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Tiktok is the Newest Fashion Guide

Tiktok is the Newest Fashion Guide

Who doesn’t love tiktok? With the newest, sexiest, and chicest trend of all, tiktok is now dominating the world with its different contents that really help us. From businesses to fashion trends that we really relate to. If you love watching tiktok videos then here’s some lists of fashion influencers you can follow for your fashion guide.

Leonie Hanne - The German Blogger



This blogger is not just a blogger but a fashion influencer, model and social media entrepreneur as well. We don’t have to pay for a fashion stylist to have a high-end fashion, but we can watch her tiktok videos and check her instagram account. She’s not just a simple blogger, she is highly sought for big and luxurious projects and what’s more? She’s been featured as the face of big brands like Louis Vuitton and La Mer. If you love fashion and dresses, you might want to follow her on her social media accounts like tiktok and instagram.

Queen of Maximalism- Sara Camposarcone



If you love maximizing all the things you own or rather in fashion then your best choice for your fashion guide is Sara Camposarcone who gained her nickname as the Queen of maximalism. She loves dressing up in bold colors that can really attract everyone’s attention. If you love attention and maximalism. Check out her tiktok account.

Trendy Curvy- Kristine



Who said that curvy women can’t slay? Well, Kristine who loves trends and also curvy will help you slay in your size. From dresses to creating a celebrity look. You will surely love how her fashion guide is amazing. Follow her tiktok account for more fashion guides. And now, check out our Couture Candy’s tiktok account.

Fashion Hacks- Black Queen



Fashion guides are a thing! Who doesn’t want to save money doing fashion hacks. You can wear your clothes in multiple ways in a stylish way. This fashion hacker is your guide for the ultimate fashion wardrobe you can ever have. If you’re tired wearing the same style all over again then you should check her fashion guides. Check out her tiktok account.

True Eccentric- Tanya



From runway look to eccentric way? It is not usually chosen by everyone but being unique is a thing as well. You might love this kind of style. You might follow Tanya to be your fashion guide if you love eccentric fashion. Check her tiktok account for more fashion guides. Get inspired on how pretty she is, if she is pretty then so are you. Get gorgeous in an eccentric way!

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