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The Most Flattering Swimsuits for Your Body Type

When it comes to swimwear, it is far most the piece of cloth in female wardrobe that gives anxiety more than any other garment does. We always try to fix or hide something about ourselves when hot summer days come. 

We will try to convince you that the perception of wearing swimsuits should be fun and make us feel good instead. No matter what is your body type, with the right chosen bathing suit you can embrace your body features to a point of art. Nobody is perfect, but all of us have some best assets that should be aware of, and to know how to accentuate them. 


Less-endowed ladies, you should consider yourselves lucky because you will be able to pull off pretty much any bikini style, regardless of how supportive the bra is. If you want to add a bit of contours, add dimensional details like cut-outs, strappy crossed sides and busy patterns to create the illusion of a more volume. Floral, abstract and Aztec are the top 3 most trendy patterns for the season.          one-piece-bikini

If you are ready to take the plunge, this one-piece swimsuit is perfect for you. Charming and not overly revealing, the strategic lines and pattern of this swimsuit create the illusion of hourglass, without the need of adding extra padding. 


If it is curves what you are after, this high waisted bikini with a strapless bra would be great choice for you. The high waisted bottoms complete the lady-like, retro, pin-up look, making your hips appear shapelier.    


Bandeau top bikini are cool choice if you opt for a chic and fun look, but you are tired of the classic bikini cut. This green two-piece swimsuit with a bit more substance at the hip can help you create a shape that appears more curvaceous. The bandeau top has supportive padding for a little enhancement and even more alluring curve. 


A strappy high-neck top bikini in white is the most stylish you can get out of your swimwear this season. Classic and elegant, but sporty at the same time, this combination is suitable for both lounging by the pool bar or splashing in the surf.

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