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The Best Halloween Dresses 2020 That Are Hiding in Your Wardrobe Already

The Best Halloween Dresses 2020 That Are Hiding in Your Wardrobe Already

Have you decided the costume for the spookiest festival of the year that's just knocking on the door, yet? Yes, we are talking about the 31st of October A.K.A. Halloween! Most of us spend too much on Halloween costumes while one can simply get creative with the already existing dresses in the closet and save a lot.

Here's how you can use the simplest of dresses you already have to get ready for a scary Halloween party:

  • Little Black Dress- The Scary Widow
  • It's known to all that black is the official mourning colour. Every girl has a little black dress in her wardrobe- it is basically staple. If you haven't worn it for long, it's time to experiment with it. Pair it fishnet stockings and black ballerina wedges to complete your look. Wait up! Can it be a proper Halloween look without the smoky eyes and black lipstick? That's a rhetoric! If you haven't got any black cocktail dresses that fit you properly, feel free to check out online.

  • Long White Evening Gown- The Nun
  • Well, in the movie it was just a white robe but with long white evening gowns, it's just a more glamorous version of looking scary for Halloween 2020. However, there are some ground rules. Avoid embellishments and try to have a rather simpler approach to the attire. Here, you can skip the gothic makeup and try a pale version with a lot of face powder and burgundy lipstick. It's the only time where you don't have to worry about blending the make up properly - the paler the better!

  • Jumpsuits in Dark Shades- A Vampire
  • While pant suits have a reputation for being the classic formalwear, it can actually be used to dress up for a Halloween party as a vampire. The only thing required is a bit of creativity. For instance, if you have collars, turn them inside out- the classic Dracula or vampire style! Otherwise, a formal crepe jacket will also do. With a fake canine tooth, a lot of white foundation powder and cherry red lipstick, you are going to be the scariest vampire at the party.

    However, if there are no dark coloured jumpsuits at home, it's time to browse through the designer pant suit collections online.

  • Red Ball Gown- A Scary Bride
  • Red was always the traditional colour of love and passion. Well, that was the case until Beetlejuice happened! If you have a red ball gown from prom or homecoming, it's time to take it out again. Pair it with a sheer veil and carry a bouquet to pull off a Bella Hadid at the upcoming Halloween party. There are some amazing dresses by the Mac Duggal and Tarik Ediz collections that you might like to check out for this particular look.

  • Vintage Pink Sheath Gown- Blood Stained Prom Queen
  • If you're someone who still hasn't gotten over the classics of horror, this is what your ideal Halloween look is. Inspired from one of the scariest scenes of Carrie, this look is definitely an out of the box attempt to celebrate the spookiness of Halloween. All you need is a white prom queen sash and a tiara. If you have white shoes, they'll just be the perfect conclusion to your costume. The makeup need not be spot on. Feeling confident enough to carry the "Carrie look"? You can draw with red colour on your face and arms.

    On the off chance that you're still on the lookout for vintage pink dresses, the La Femme and Sherri Hill collections offer stunning items at great prices. Take a look!

    These costume tips for Halloween will not only save your valuable time but also help you look spot-on for the party. 


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