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Ruling Trends of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer

Ruling Trends of New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer

Held semi-annually, the New York Fashion week is the ultimate trend-setting event. All the most-loved international collections by sensational fashion brands are showcased here. The New York Fashion Week  is going to be held on February 12th and 13th. Two days of non-stop fashion fiesta- it is safe to say that we are all looking forward to it eagerly. 

It’s different this time because unlike all other times, this is taking place within a short span of time and secondly, only the most exclusive and celebrated brands are involved this time. The New York spring/summer collection presents a number of party dresses and cocktail dresses that will be ruling the trend charts of this season; let’s check them out:

  • Black Long Dresses
  • It sounds quite mainstream and simple but the purpose is to create an extremely powerful and gothic look. The idea is that it will exude an energy that will overpower everyone with its charm- the audience, stage and of course, the fashion industry. Besides, it is such an elegant style that there will be no such problem to include one of these in your wardrobe for more than a single season.

  • Frilly Dresses
  • Ruffles and frills are going to dominate this season’s trends with their uniqueness. It originally represents a soldier’s return from war. At present, frills are the perfect element of a fun and flirty attire. It is elegant and simple which are also good for casual occasions such as a Sunday brunch, a move date and so on. Even if the meaning of frills has changed, it is still an authentic vintage style that will give your attire a whole lot of sophistication. 

  • Bra Tops
  • This is probably the boldest of all the New York spring/summer fashion trends. The bra is seen as a standalone top coupled with a pair of bottoms. There is no layering on top which represents the transparency of the collection. What just seems like lingerie to us that needs to be worn underneath is so much more than that- this is what the New York Fashion week trends have shown us. You can wear matching colours or create a feisty contrast to get noticed. Pairing it with a jacket at times can also give you an edgy look. 

  • Random Cut-outs
  • This is one of the most talked-about spring trends- random cut-outs at the waistline or at the bosom. The first thing we do after the departure of winter is to take off the layers. That’s what precisely spring is about. This particular trend is something that represents the most beautiful season of all times. Waist cut-outs are also figure-flattering and revealing to a certain extent where you’d look bold and sophisticated at the same time. 

  • Casual Comfort
  • All of last year has been about comfortable casuals. This particular trend has been inspired from that, where it has become a dominating trend at present and made a significant impression on the runway. Ever thought you could feel fancy in your loungewear? Guess it’s time to think!

    The New York fashion week dresses are all about being a “diva” effortlessly. It screams confidence and comfort while being extremely fancy- all at once. 

    Save the dates - 12th and 13th February to enjoy the best of it!

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