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Y2K Trend is Back

Y2K Trend is Back


You might not be born yet by the time this trend is popular. Over the years, we all know that the fashion world keeps on evolving and fashion designers have their new style that they reveal each year. Is the mid 90’s and early 2000s a bit conservative type? I am telling you now that we guess wrong! Y2K is where your belly button style can be seen.


As Y2K is considered to be one of the most aesthetic styles as of now. The Gen-Z generation is rebuilding the fashion style back then and now it is even better. Combining fashion by generation is quite rigid but it’s not a reason we cannot pull it off. We are having a nostalgic feeling when we’re wearing this.

Get your Y2K Look


Dressing up in Y2K is just easy and I'm sure that you can find them in your closet. Here’s the list of the clothes you need to have an aesthetic Y2K look. Y2K fashion portrays the passion and shopping habits of hipsters' youth and teen years. Are you excited? Me as well!

Cute Chunky



Chunky cardigans are a thing in Y2K, it makes a young teen look cute and aesthetic. Pulling your outfit is one of the best parts when wearing this. Well, the next one is wide-leg jeans or they call them “baggy pants”.


Baggy Pants



Some prefer pants that will highlight their legs to hips. But the thing with baggy pants is that they have their own uniqueness. The narrow waist up to wide-leg will highlight your waist’s curves and will make it look more stylish. If not baggy pants then choose a pleated skirt! 

Pleated Skirts



Mini pleated skirts are both stylish and sassy. Pairing it with a cute chunky cardigan will complement your look. Aside from that, Y2K won’t be complete without a pair of trendy sneakers! 

Trendy Sneakers



Our Y2K look won’t be complete without trendy sneakers! As it is one of the keys to our fashionista look. You see, we just have to find the perfect pair of trendy sneakers for our Y2K style. Another pair that shouldn’t be forgotten is a baguette bag! 

Baguette Bag



It might be small but never underestimate it! It gives life to fashion accessories and to us. Without this, carrying our things with just our hands is not really handy and it’s tiring. I think no one wants that right. So, it is a fashion accessory that will plus points your look. What is Y2K without colorful sunglasses?

Colorful Sunglasses



Well, you can’t say that it is Y2K without your colorful sunglasses. It completes the look and it really adds to your aesthetic style. Let's check the complete look of Y2K.



Did you look at your closet? Do you have what I just mentioned above? If you do, it’s now time to dress up yourself with the aesthetic Y2K look. Chunky cardigan paired with baggy pants or pleated mini skirts plus trendy sneakers and of course, don’t forget your baguette bag and colorful sunglasses cause they’re all a pair. Honey, you are dazzling. Dress up and meet your sassy gals to have a fun night!

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