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Trendy Swimsuits for Spring to Summer 2023

Trendy Swimsuits for Spring to Summer 2023


This is what we are waiting for! Summer season time and it only shouts one thing, beach get-away! Is your sunblock ready? How about your swimsuit? Well, if you can’t decide what swimsuit you should choose then worry-not cause I’m here to guide you! I have lists of trendy swimsuits for spring to summer. Let's choose what suits you.


Now that spring season is almost over and we all know that we are already planning our next serene time. For our beach get-away, one of the trendiest swimsuits this 2023 is crochet! Even the famous social media platform which is tik tok shows us how they made crochet swimsuits.

Why Choose Crochet?


If you’re the type of person who loves sunbathing and don’t really want to get wet but the smell of sea breeze is enough to give you a serene feeling then crochet swimsuit is what you’re looking for! You can pair it with denim shorts or beach pants such as ahoy cover up pants. You will have a stylish look that can make anyone envy! If you don’t fancy wearing crochet swimsuits then you can have the all tied-up swimsuit.

Stylish All tied Up



Yes darling, we have this trendy swimsuit which is all tied up. Even celebrities love wearing it! With its style, it will bring the sexiness in you! Make sure to put this on your shopping list for your spring to summer get-away.

Cut Outs All the Way



Not just in dresses and tops but in swimsuits as well! Have a stunning look for your get-away with cutout style swimsuits. This style won’t let you miss them out but you will automatically add it in your cart as it will define your curves making you look stunning as ever and of course, eyes are probably all yours. Well, if this is not your choice then we suggest the hot barely-there bikini!

Hot in Barely-there Bikini



Have your hottest and sexiest beach look with this barely-there bikini. As the name suggests, you’ll “barely” cover anything. Everyone’s eyes will surely pop on how sexy you are. Make sure that you won’t let the boys fight on how stunning you are. If you’re feeling shy then how can you showcase your curves? Get it girl! Have your get-away worth it in this trendy swimsuit to have. Love shining, shimmering and splendid swimsuits? Then this sequined bikini is perfect for you.

Shine in Sequined



Who says that you can’t wear shining sequins at beaches? Well, let's get you slay in sequined bikini. Everyone might be wondering why you’re wearing a sequined bikini but who cares. That’s who you are and your style that can’t be taken away from others. Chin up and slay the day with your sexy curves in this sequined bikini!


It is now time for you to choose the perfect and best trendy swimsuit for you this spring to summer get-away. 2023 is the beginning of fun as we haven’t had it in two years due to pandemic. As the pandemic is still here, we are slowly getting back in track. You can also pair your get-away with summer dresses! You can buy yours here at Couture Candy, just check out our section for summer dresses and add to cart then check out and you’re good to go! Shop now!

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