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The Trend Of Sassy Sequin: Everything You Need To Know About It

The Trend Of Sassy Sequin: Everything You Need To Know About It

What happens when a rockstar gets dressed up all shimmery for a hot musical night? Selfies, whistles, and bags of compliments from the fans, that’s what! Sequin dresses outshine the brightness of the event and turn a person’s statement to even more sizzling.

From celebrities’ red carpet appearances to the closet of ordinary fashionistas, stylish sequin dresses are a buzzword in 2021. We bet that no other style can beat the trend of sequin in the upcoming year as well.

Are you too fascinated to stun all eyes like a rockstar dressed up all sparkling? If yes, you are in the right place.

Check out everything about sequin dresses to embrace the trend like a pro diva!


Be it a semi-formal high school event, a formal evening affair, or a romantic date night, a stylish sequin dress does wonders than one can even imagine. At present, they are the front-runner on every special occasion. Here’s why!

1. Sequin Dresses Boost Confidence

Nothing makes a statement like a dress with glitz and glam. If you are daring enough to carry a sequin dress on gala nights, you can strike a unique impression among the crowd with confidence. Depending on the type of occasion, you can go for short, long or knee-length trending sequin dresses to make it an awe-inspiring OOTD.

2. Sequin Dresses Are Effortless

One of the best reasons you should buy sequin dresses is that they help you own an exquisite look without much effort. As the sequin dresses are already star-like twinkling, you do not need to bother about accessories and makeup. The natural shine of the style is enough to speak volumes for you at the parties.

3. Sequin Dresses Are Attention-Grabbing

As a die-hard fashion lover, the words of praise by guests at the parties will not be enough. You would also dream of being the talk of the town for a long time, isn’t it? Well, a trending sequin dress is a key to make your dream come true.

Tip: Wear it elegantly and ensure a precise balance of shimmer, accessories, and makeup to blaze the trail.


Do you know how much sparkle is too much? Are you well up on fashion rules to wear sequin outfits with perfection? When it comes to cherry-picking the special occasion dresses with sequin details, you would like to follow the expert rules to look graceful and not tacky.

Here are the expert’s do’s and don’ts of buying and styling sequin dresses that will help take your love for sequin in the right direction.

1. Do Find The Perfect Fit

A sequin dress will help you grab all the attention at the event if it fits comfortably into your body. Make sure that it is neither too tight nor too loose.

2. Do Consider The Time Of The Event

If you are up for buying sequin dresses, it is a must to consider the am-pm schedule. The dark-colored fancy dresses with all-over sequin are a perfect ensemble to pull all-nighters. On the other hand, the daytime galas call for subtle glam. Pastel-hued lace or tulle dresses with simple sequin details are an ideal choice for the day.

3. Don’t Get Too Fancy

Whether you are about to attend a night party or day affair in the sequin, make sure not to go overboard with accessories, makeup, clutch, and shoes. You know, stylish sequin dresses are already a fashion statement, so adding extra bling will kill your look.

Don’t Neglect Your Body Type

Just like any other style, sequin dresses accentuate your curves brilliantly if picked in line with your body shape. While the slim women can go for mermaid, trumpet, and sheath sequin outfits, the plus-size fashionistas, on the other hand, look lavish in a-line dresses with v-necks.


The shiny little beads on your dresses are no less than icing on the cake. They let you live up to your fashion dreams and recreate a celebrity-style statement.

Take a look at top tips to wear sequin dresses without looking tacky.

1. Choose The Neckline Wisely

Depending on the type of occasion, you ought to opt for the neckline wisely. To avoid revealing too much on formal events like prom, ditch the low-cut necklines. Instead, the classy halter neck, bateau, v-neck, and sweetheart are the best options. For semi-formal or informal events, you can snap up special occasion sequin dresses with off-shoulder or one-shoulder neck styles to throw sass around like confetti.

2. Play With The Sleeves

Fashionistas who are highly smitten by special occasion gowns with sequin details, most of the time hook for spaghetti straps, sleeveless, or full sleeve dress styles. Interestingly, the 2021’s line of sequin dresses features more Avant-garde sleeve styles to add fun to your fashion game. Cape sleeves, bell sleeves, butterfly sleeves, and asymmetrical sleeves are some impeccable examples.

3. Carry The Dress With Confidence

The main accessory that elevates your appearance in a sequin dress is CONFIDENCE. Keep your head up and smile on point to let people go struck dumb by your bold and shiny look.


No doubt, sequin special occasion dresses are meant to brighten up the ambiance of night carouses. But this does not mean that you cannot doll up gleamy in the daytime. From birthdays to wedding parties, you can rock in a sequin attire with the right approach.

If you are not sure how to wear sequin dresses during the day, take a look at our ideas below-

1. Go For Pastel Colors

When we talk about sequined dresses, most women only imagine them as bold red, black, blue, and golden. But that’s an incomplete envision. You can also take pleasure in shimmery outfits in pastel colors like blush, lavender, magic mint, and more. Cute like cupcakes, pastel shades create a perfect balance of glam and grace, especially if you dream of flaunting your best-loved sequin outfit during the day. In addition, we also suggest you try white sequin dresses for an elegant look.

2. Wear A Simple Sequin Dress With Sneakers

Be it short or long, a simple sequin dress paired with sneakers is the safest way to carry sparkle in a day. If you yearn to add a bit more creativity to your look, choose sneakers with a little bling on them.

3. Plump For Mix And Match Fabrics

Another way to balance off the shine of sequin outfits is to plump for mix and match fabrics. Lace and tulle special occasion gowns with sequin details on them are amazing options to have a daytime sequin moment.


Choosing accessories for sequin dresses that are a world in themselves is somewhat confusing. But fret not, here we have rounded up some expert ideas to help you out.

1. Jewelry

To end up looking classy and not too flashy, keep the sequin dress accessories minimal. Settle on lightweight single chained necklaces to complement the low-cut necklines or a strapless neck style.

However, if you are planning to doll up in halter neck or bateau sequin dresses with long sleeves, it is better to avoid wearing anything in the neck. Instead, just a pair of single-toned studs or dangler earrings is enough to enhance the appearance.

2. Makeup

Makeup is a must, no matter the type of dress! Nevertheless, if you have got a lot of twinkle in your dress, you should keep your palette neutral. A nude-toned makeup with soft brows and eyes is what you need to show off your class.

Though in the case of glitzy nights like cocktails, you can play with a subtle shimmer and shine. Keep the cheeks soft but eyes shimmery to cut a dash like a celebrity.

3. Shoes

Heels suit best with long special occasion gowns festooned with sequin beads. Depending on your personal preference and need for comfort, you can choose block heels, stilettos, and strappy heels.

For the daytime event, we have already mentioned pairing your sequin dress with sneakers. Additionally, solid ballerinas with short a-line or sheath sequin outfits are also picture-perfect for a formal occasion.

In The End

Life is too short to wear dull clothes. If you, too, agree upon the same, take no time and add some shimmer to your wardrobe.

At Couture Candy, you can find a wide range of sassy and stylish sequin dresses to create a trailblazing statement of your dreams. Whatever be your choice, don’t forget to follow the expert’s tips, tricks, and ideas for sheer grace.

Dress, Flaunt, And Let The Folks Crush Over Your Shine!

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