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Scent that Matches Dress -Your Scent, Your Style

Scent that Matches Dress -Your Scent, Your Style


If there is an “outfit of the day” then we should have the “perfume of the day”. We all love to smell good, especially when going out. Our scent, our style- fashion is something that we always look forward to. Of course, what is fashion if we don’t smell good right? For a special event that needs sophisticated and stunning dresses, showcase your style with scent. Here are some lists of suggestions that can help us. 

Have your Oriental Scent



Our chosen scent should be suiting in our smell, why choose a smell you don’t want right? So, here are some guides to choose the best scent for you. The Oriental scent comes with choices such as vanilla, jasmine, and orange blossom. Vanilla and jasmine scent is perfect for white dresses while orange blossom is a perfect duo for? Of course, orange-colored dresses. A dainty smell that is very suiting.





Here are some of the best oriental perfumes that you can buy, the first one is the “Alien Eau De Parfum'' by Thierry Mugler”. This perfume expresses a serene smell that features the passion and feminine side of a woman. Another is the AMAALI perfume, it will surely leave you an enchanting smell that can make someone turn their heads at you. Let’s have a look at another scent.

The Scent of Woody Perfumes



While woody scent has a rich and elegant smell that is best for brown dresses. It has a scent of sandalwood, earthy like amber, and scents of smoky and leather. Santal 33 by Le Labo is one of the famous woody perfumes. Wherever you go, it leaves a lasting effect. While the Byredo Bal D’Afrique Eau de Parfum provides an exciting and long-lasting scent that captivates anyone who smells it. Not a fan of those smells? Don’t worry, we have more choices we can choose from!

Check these Fresh Scents





Fresh scents never get old with their mild smell is a choice for everyone. It has different scents- aromatic, citrus, aquatic, green, and fruity. The aromatic scent is perfect with the color lavender, match this scent with these purple or mauve dresses. Have those smells with Eau de parfum 701, this perfume features eucalyptus, coriander, and cypress that has a marvelous smell that is suiting. If you prefer the scent of lavender and cashmere wood, then I suggest you choose the Eau de parfum 702.


Citrus scent can go with floral dresses and Blue dresses will have the perfect blend of scent in aquatic perfume. Green scents are one of the freshest and lively scents you can have and of course, you can pair them with? Green dresses!. Pick your choice! Aside from those scents, did you know that you can combine your scents? Let’s get to it!

Scent of Combination


If you haven’t tried combining scents of perfume then you should try it now. You’re missing a new kind of experience. Scents are part of our lives as it is what represents us. Fresh scents, woody or oriental can let people remember who we are. Some even use our scents to identify us. You can have your unique kind of scent that you can only have. How? Let’s have our scent by combining fragrances. Of course, it should be suitable. Combining scents that are not appropriate can produce a bad smell- which is what we don't want.



To have the best scent of combination, here are some lists that will help you combine the perfect scent. One of the scents that are great for combination is soft oriental and citrus. If you don’t like oriental and citrus, you can try oriental, floral, and aromatic. Of course, your unique scent will be chosen by you. What are you waiting for? It is now time for the experiment of scent. Have fun with your scent and your style.

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