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How to Rock Any Style of Beanie Without Trying Too Hard

Beanie hats are our saving grace during the freezing winter months. Don’t doubt that they will do a great job in keeping your head warm during the chilly days! Whether you would fit it snugger to your head, or fit it a little looser, the most important thing is to feel comfortable — the thicker the knit, the warmer you’ll get!

If you think that wearing a knit hat is just going to mess up your hair and make you look not put together, think of it as a really cute and functional way to accessorize and make your outfit look totally different. Play around with this slouchy winter accessory — nail the effortless look by positioning the knit beanie properly. If you have shorter hair don't pull it straight down onto your head, covering your forehead, pull it onto the back of your head at an angle instead. Let some of your hair peek out as well.

There are plenty of colors and patterns you can play with. Here are five ways to brighten up your coat and wear a knit hat without trying too hard.

Knit hat is a really snuggly and chic way to fully embrace the winter weather. It doesn’t snow outside yet? Wear one in a winter white and light grey shade with an outfit that sticks to that theme, and you will be the princess of snowville in no time.

Use it to pull out one accent color. Knit beanies come in so many colors, so in case you tend to gravitate towards plain and dark outfits during the winter season, a colorful knit hat will surely be a great addition to your look. This all black-and-gray outfit has one saving grace: a dash of bold burgundy sweater print. The beanie in the very same color highlights the shade even more. We simply adore it!

When in doubt, reach for grey. Grey is the ultimate winter shade. You gotta love how this knit hat in charcoal is combined with a burgundy touch for an extra holiday Christmas spirit.

Liven up your outfit by adding a pop of color through your knit hat. Make the beanie your sole color statement. A striped knit hat in blue and maroon shades is a fantastic way to throw on a dash of color to your winter outfit. Top off a giant chunky knit scarf in navy blue for maximum coziness. Now this is what we mean by: "stylish way to armor yourself against a cold, cold world".

The plaid pattern trend is big again this fall/winter season. Add a premium style plaid beanie, statement shoes, and accessories to finish your stylish, cold weather look.

Wear it along a theme. If you feel like rocking a multiple-pattern look, use your simple black beanie to top off the colorful statement of sequined and beaded detailing crop top with printed pants.

Use it to soften metallics and eye-catching colors. The black knit hat in stripes by Cult of Individuality will up your adorable quotient even more.

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