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Hot Trend: Cropped Jackets

Last year cropped tops were all around us, from fashion bloggers and celebrities to fashion enthusiasts and street style connoisseurs — we saw them everywhere! Carrying the cropped devotion forward to this year, now we have the cropped jacket as the hottest trend of the season. Moto, leather jackets short denim ones...Everyone seems to fall in love with this latest cropped jackets trend.

They are easy to be pulled off with either casual or formal, and even dressier outfits. One of the best things about cropped jackets is the fact that they can be worn instead of a cardigan, or instead of a blazer for a more playful and relaxed look, as they are not buttoned up and as serious and formal, but still adding a structure to an outfit.

For those who were gifted with taller silhouette and/or long arms, a cropped jacket that is not right for you might look shrunken and too small. Look for styles that have full sleeves instead of ¾ ones. In case you are not sure if you have long arms or not, rest them at your side, and if the thumb knuckle is longer than your crotch, that means your arms are long.

Once a sign of rebellion, moto jackets are nowadays staple that should be part of every girl's closet. You might already own a classic black one, but here is our Ariel cropped beige jacket by Muehleder if you want to achieve the biker chic style with a sophisticated touch. It features many details including edgy rib-stitched shoulders, a high-collar, and black silver hardware. This sporty jacket looks great worn with Torregrossa Handbag in navy blue.

A cropped jacket is a perfect match with a maxi dress, as it balances the length of the dress, it brings the eye upward and adds extra height to the body. Take the leather moto jacket to a whole new level with this Bowie Lamb Skin Brown cropped jacket combined with green Torregrossa Handbag and Ben-Amun drop earrings.

Autumn weather is unpredictable, transitional season means a change of the weather from rain and sun to cooler days and/or nights, so it is important to always have an autumn jacket handy. One of the best jacket choices to go with is the cropped denim one, that can easily layer over your outfits. This wardrobe essential can look very chic when paired with simple black tee, black leather skirt and a simple Clhei clutch.

Traditionally reserved for United Air force pilots in WW1, this bomber jacket is the perfect combo of boyish edge and ladylike sophistication. If you are short-waisted or you have a short torso, the Karen Zambos cropped bomber jacket may seem like it was meant just for you. This edgy piece of cloth would make a great combo with our unique August Handbag with a leopard detail and a lovely tennis bracelet featuring one 14kt gold link.

Cropped jacket can be a great choice if you have a tummy, especially if the jacket grazes over the tummy area in a more relaxed silhouette. However, the length of the sleeves of the jacket and its hem don’t have to end at the same exact spot, because you may create an optical illusion of width, as all the hems are ending at the same spot, usually right across the middle. This can be avoided by choosing cropped jackets where the hem of the sleeves is slightly shorter than the jacket’s ones.

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