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Finding the Perfect Dress Color that Matches your Skin Tone

Finding the Perfect Dress Color that Matches your Skin Tone

There are some things we simply cannot live without. What matters most to us as women is what we wear. Make-up and jewelry are needed for an event but, the most important is our outfit. We don't want anyone else to stand out more than we do, because our major weapon is  a perfect dress. We must check the hue that complements our skin tone when looking for the appropriate clothing. The perfect dress is our winning key in the battle of elegance. Let's go look for the dress that will match your skin tone and prepare for war.



Know Your Skin Tone

Why is it important to know our skin tone? The key to getting our dreamy perfect dress is our skin tone. Attractive and stylish dresses can pique our interest and make us want to buy them right away. However, let us pause for a moment and consider whether the color compliments our skin tone. The perfect dress in our eyes might be a little darker or lighter to our skin that makes the color doesn’t look good on us. 


The easiest way of determining your skin tone is to examine your veins. It's one of the simplest ways to figure out what hue our skin is. Blue veins suggest a cold skin tone, whilst green veins indicate a warm skin tone. If you can't tell the color of your veins, you have a neutral skin tone. Some may think it is a waste of time, yet that is a common mistake made by everyone.


Choose the Best Color that Suits You

It is now time to find the perfect dress color that matches your skin tone. Emeralds, lavender, pink, and vivid blues are ideal hues for people with a cool skin tone. You can also go for red roses, rubies, or pale yellow. People with warm skin tones can choose brown, mustard yellow, green and warm reds. Orchid, olive, moss, and violet-red are also options. If you have a neutral skin tone, consider yourself lucky. Warm and cool skin tone colors are both a yes for you. After finding the right color, of course it’s now time to look for the dress. And guess what? Couture Candy has it all with our different designers to choose from. Mac Duggal, Sherri Hill or Cinderella Divine. Are you excited? So Am I! Choose now.



Style Dresses to Choose From

There are a variety of styles from which to choose to finish your dream dress. Necklines, bodices, embellishments, and skirts are all things to consider. Necklines will flatter your shoulder, bodices will accentuate your waist, skirts will add a touch of glam, and embellishments will bring a touch of sophistication. Style of the dresses will bring out your hidden sexiness.


Stand Out Elegantly

Now, it is time for you to wear your crown of confidence and elegance. Showcase your perfect dress elegantly and leave everyone speechless on how stunning you are. Are you ready for the battle of elegance? Look for the perfect dress that matches the color of your skin tone at Couture Candy!


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