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Top Designer Summer Wedding Dresses & Trends for 2020

Top Designer Summer Wedding Dresses & Trends for 2020

The summer wedding season calls for a great chance for stocking up on pretty dresses. The trend changes each year, and you see more awe-striking summer season wedding dresses as the time passes. Moreover, especially as a bride, you are a statement for a lot of people. 

Therefore, you need to look sexier, more elegant, and most importantly, the most beautiful bride ever. Inspired by the top-most trends all over the world, here are 5 trends that’ll not fail in putting you in the limelight on your big day. 

Feathered Wedding Dresses Are Going to Be Big in 2020


Feathered Wedding Dresses 2020

The wind of trends has shifted majorly to feathered wedding dresses for 2020. From evening gowns to regular dresses, feathered designs are making people stylish everywhere. As a bride, this trend is extremely sexy and attractive as a summer season wedding dress. With such an elegant dress, you look no less than a beautiful bird spreading her wings to embrace her beauty even more. 

Leg Slit Wedding Dresses for Sexy Brides of 2020


Leg Slit Wedding Dresses 2020

Red carpets never fail to admire leg slit fashion. However, the trend has finally reached summer weddings too. This trend just looks gorgeous on a bride and doesn't fail to impress the guests, and of course, the groom. Furthermore, if you are planning to wear it on your wedding day, don't even think of any other alternate. This is certainly a perfect summer wedding dress for 2020 for sexy brides. You can also break the usual norms too, and try light shades of pink and cream to be a unique bride.

Cape Wedding Dresses for Elegant Brides 


Cape Wedding Dresses 2020

You’re a superwoman, and to describe you in the most perfect attire, cape wedding dresses are available. The moment a bride wears it, her looks become luxurious and regal. Hence, it is a perfect match for the elegant brides of 2020. As a fact, capes have already dominated the last runway fashion week. Therefore, wear them on your big day and surprise everyone with your charm. 

Jumpsuit Wedding Dresses for Bold Brides


Jumpsuit Wedding Dresses 2020

You're probably thinking "jumpsuit at a wedding, who does it?". Well, 2020 fashionistas do it for sure. After all, there's nothing wrong with being unique (and a little sexier) with a jumpsuit as a bridal dress. Jumpsuits also make great wedding guest dresses if you wish to stand out. However, if you are feeling like wearing a gown, a jumpsuit will be a great option for the wedding reception. You'll definitely be the center of attraction for the event with a jumpsuit wedding dress, breaking the boring traditions.

Beaded Wedding Dresses for Fashionable Mums


Beaded Wedding Dresses 2020

Last but not the least, beaded wedding dresses are on the peak this year for mums of the bride and the groom. These dresses are best selling summer mother of the bride dresses. This trend has a contemporary classiness and a hint of modern design. Therefore, it is ideal to glam up any event with its chic look and praiseworthy design. Interestingly, whether you want to glorify yourself at a reception party, the wedding ceremony, or even a small gathering later, this trend has got you covered for everything. 

Bottom Line 

You just had a look at the most prominent wedding dresses for 2020 summer. With these trends, you have enough options to rock this wedding season. So, make sure you try either of these summer wedding dresses and turn the wind towards yourself at the wedding. Rest assured that you’ll be worth every eye staring at you for your beauty. 

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