Valentine's Day Gift Inspiration: Jewelry for Her

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One of the most romantic days of the year dedicated to love and passion is right around the corner. February 14th gifts are appreciation to your loved ones, expression of love, caring, and celebrating of your relationship. The perfect Valentine’s Day gift is a symbol of affection and can strengthen your relationship, and sum up your feelings for her. Couture Candy has a delicate selection of thoughtful Valentine's Day gifts for you to choose from. You are sure to find the perfect gift for your wife or girlfriend that she is sure to appreciate.

Jewelry is a token of esteem that never goes out of style. Whether she has modern or traditional personal style, she would love to receive some timeless and sophisticated piece that will last forever as an enduring memento of this occasion. 

If you decided to buy some beautiful jewelry for the woman in your life but you aren’t sure what type to get, our wide range of stunning earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and rings that appeal to women of all tastes, whether they prefer traditional styles or contemporary themes will solve your sweet Valentine's Day dilemmas.

Stud Earrings

In case you are in doubt, a new pair of earrings are a great Valentine’s Day gift idea. Step it up a notch and invest in a sparkly pair of diamond stud earrings for your very special one. The gold crux constellation earrings with 15ct white diamonds will absolutely make her week!


                                                  LOGAN HOLLOWELL - CRUX CONSTELLATION EARRINGS, $352.75, available at Couture Candy

Gemstone Ring

Gemstones are another type of symbolism in which to look to for inspiration. Choose the gemstone ring based on her favorite color to make the surprise more special. Go for this 18K yellow gold vermeil Labradorite ring and watch as she lights up opening the box!


                                                HEATHER HAWKINS - RADIATE GEMSTONE RING - LABRADORITE, $94.40, available at Couture Candy

Heart Ring

Delicate, feminine and timeless, heart-shaped ring is the perfect women's ring to gift your Valentine. Envelop her finger with this gold band soldered onto a 1/4" heart with pave diamonds, available in sizes (whole and half) from 4 to 10.


                                             RACHAEL RYEN - 14K GOLD DIAMOND PAVE "LOVE" HEART RING, $340.00, available at Couture Candy

Dangle Earrings

A beautiful pair of dangle earrings can easily transition from day to night outfits, making them an ideal jewelry setting. If your beloved prefers classic jewelry styles, find a pair that is subtle, made in solid metal such as sterling silver or gold, and for those who like their jewelry to pop, choose earrings that feature sparkle, vibrant colors, or gemstones.


                                                     RACHAEL RYEN - 14K GOLD LABRADORITE DROP EARRINGS, $100.00, available at CoutureCandy

Pearl Jewelry


It’s not a coincidence that pearls are called "teardrops of the moon," some even claim that pearl jewelry can produce a calming effect to those who wear them. Pearl necklaces are an excellent choice for almost any Valentine’s Day situation. For a classy and elegant look, choose a staple three row pearl necklace with vintage brooch by Ben-Amun. Swarovski crystals and Czech glass pearls in different shades of ivory provide the foundation for a variety of timeless pieces that are just as wearable today as when the brand began over 30 years ago.


                                         BEN-AMUN - THREE ROW PEARL NECKLACE WITH VINTAGE BROOCH, $276.80, available at Couture Candy


Go for a well crafted luxury diamond pave pearl earrings that will make your better half feel feminine and elegant, because every woman deserves to feel special and beautiful.


                                        RACHAEL RYEN - DIAMOND PAVE PEARL EAR JACKETS, $70.40, available at Couture Candy


If a ring or earrings are out of the question, then gifting her with a beautiful golden cuff with black pearls is a perfect way to express your love and commitment. Inspired by the sculptural style that came about in the 60s, this stylish cuff with clean and geometric silhouettes made from polished pewter giving it a cool, reflective shine looks both sophisticated and trendy.


                                                   BEN-AMUN - GOLDEN CUFF WITH BLACK PEARLS, $236.00, available at Couture Candy

Engagement Ring

Valentine's Day is one of the most popular days to "pop the big question." An engagement ring is a piece of jewelry that symbolizes your life together, so look for something unique chosen with your heart. If you decided to make this February 14th the most romantic day of her life, and surprise her with a truly romantic proposal, than this micro pave diamond engagement ring will be the most memorable Valentine's gift she will ever receive. 


                                           LOGAN HOLLOWELL - MICRO PAVE DIAMOND BAND, $1,785.00, available at Couture Candy

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