Heather Gardner - Earth Elements Necklace

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This is one of Heather Gardner's favorite creations. The name not only reflects what brings her inspiration for her work, but also captures all 4 of the Earth's Elements in one necklace! Earth = Turquoise, Fire = Refined and recycled bone tusk, Air = Feathers, Water = Shark tooth


  • Wear this beauty with simple earrings and stacked bracelets- you don't want to take away from all that is going on in this necklace!
  • Wear over a plain colored tank, tight top, or fitting dress so that the necklace stands out and is the main featured accessory on your body. It won't go unnoticed!


  • Natural shark tooth fossil, ivory colored bone tusk, and turquoise slice have gold edging; shark tooth is to 1" tall, tusk is 2" tall, turquoise is to 1" tall
  • All materials are hand selected by Heather Gardner
  • Chain is gold plated and all accessories are gold-filled
  • Rooster feathers are animal friendly, are 4-5 inches long, and are rust color and animal print pattern with black, white, and tan tones

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