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"Three Sisters are better than one"

.......Last August, Taryn Band, owner of the emerging California clothing line Vanitas (Latin for "The Vanities"), made a call to sister-in-law actress Jennifer Sky Band, wife of rocker brother Alex Band. "I need partners!" she exclaimed. After a full year of growing Vanitas from the ground up, the company had come to a point where both financial and creative help were crucial for the survival of this rapidly growing line. Jennifer was immediately interested in sharing this creative and business responsibility and thought that her sister, photographer Katie Wacha, would be the perfect companion partner. Thus Vanitas was reborn with three sisters at its helm.

.......Taryn, with four years experience as a wholesale rep for various denim lines, started Vanitas to fill the void in the over saturated denim market for a great fitting non-denim pant that her clients were craving. Vanitas was born on that concept, and since the sisters collaborated last year, this original concept has expanded it into a full collection focusing on fabulous dresses and amazing fitting pants. The girls saw the need for a chic mid range line that was as wearable as it was fashion forward. "We strive to create feminine, timeless clothing that makes women feel beautiful, sexy, and comfortable -where you can buy a dress or an outfit without breaking the bank", says Taryn. "Our emphasis is on vintage inspired pieces in soft, non-synthetic fibers, that move with you from day to night", says Jennifer. "We are so excited about the dress craze going on right now" says Katie "we definitely have the most fun coming up with new dress ideas - we kind of can't stop!"

.......The sisters do everything hands on from designing, manufacturing, building their website, coordinating photo shoots, even sometimes being their own models. Coming from such different career paths has hugely benefited the girls in running this multi faceted company. Vanitas ships to better boutiques in over forty states as well as Anthropologie stores and catalogs nation wide. "We are still using our original sewers in Downtown Los Angeles for our production. The labor is double what it would be but we do not compromise our quality by going overseas." Not only is the quality amazing, but the girls are proud to support the national economy. The amount of boutique business has increased tremendously in the last year and simultaneously, so has their celebrity support from A- listers such as Mischa Barton, Cameron Diaz, Mandy Moore, Kelly Clarkson, and Kate Walsh. You can find Vanitas at stores nationwide.

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