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Basking n the light of the California sun, Nichole Carroll always dreamed of one day becoming the most famous swimsuit designer in all of the world or at least the Northern Hemisphere! From years of family vacations, weekends in Palm Springs and attic pictures from her grandmother’s youth, Nichole along with her love of the classic beach beauties Brigitte Bardot, Jayne Mansfield, Ursula Andress, Jane Birkin, Cheryl Tiegs, and an eye for vintage golden pieces, has created a line that bridges the gap for the girls who are inspired by the past and re-invent the future. She has used the things she knows best and the taste she trusts the most, to design a swimwear line that seems most fitting amongst shag carpeting, mirrored walls, and art deco pool houses. Using her experience as a stylist, Carroll has revived vintage inspired patterns and fabrics to bring the glam and swagger back into swimwear. Dedicated to bringing the old Palm Springs eclectic sophistication, glamour era of Hollywood and runway hautness to the beach and poolside of the most hautely traveled destinations in the world. Nichole Carroll hasn’t seen it all. She’s been around the world, but spent her formative years in Southern California. Infused with beach fashion, Carroll has spent the last decade working throughout the industry in positions of retail, production, design, corporate sales and a stylist. She’s shaken hands and picked the brains of everyone from CEO’s to boutique owners to customers to designers. Her exhaustive search for how and why trends happen led her on a journey, touching all facets of an industry she loves so much. Finally, when on a trip to Costa Rica, Nichole realized that she hadn’t seen everything, but she had seen enough.

For Nichole, necessity is the mother of re-invention. When preparing for vacation, a common problem for many women persisted; she couldn’t find a bikini she loved. As all ladies know, a bikini is something that cannot be scrutinized enough, and is something a woman must love to wear. Searching high and low, checking boutiques, designers and her own friends, Nichole could not find such an article. While vacationing in Playa Negro, Costa Rica, she stumbled upon a woman who ran her own small shop, making swimwear. There they sat and talked into the twilight hours. It was that night that Tyler Rose Swimwear was born.

Nichole new then, that if she was going to find a suit she loved, she’d have to make it herself. Trial and error was how it began. A black triangle top with her grandma’s vintage turquoise ring for a front closure turned out to be a disaster, but she had already caught the bug. She spent days scouring thrift stores for patterns she found useful. She looked to classic Palm Springs style, harkening back to the likes of Jayne Mansfield, Bo Derek, Cheryl Tiegs and even Ester Williams. Photos of her mother in a simple lavender two piece and her grandmother in Tahoe helped shape her simple yet vivacious and fashion forward style. With hard work, Nichole Carroll’s uncompromising vision has become a lifestyle all its own.

So what started as a fashion dilemma has become of poolside phenomenon Carroll knows that women are strong and fabulous, trendsetting and jet-setting around the world. She knows that a bikini is just as important as women think it is, and she uses this knowledge to spurn her creativity that blossoms into her signature designs. Nichole Carroll designs swimwear for the creative and daring fashion forward girl that is a leader in fashion and isn’t afraid to be ferociously glamorous because that’s what she is, and she’s just gotten started.

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