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The Story (from Steve Greenfield, designer of Salt):

Salt works jeans was launched in May of 2004. We made our first shipments in August 2004. In entering a very crowded jean marketplace we thought very carefully how to differentiate ourselves from the rest of the pack. I have 12 years of contemporary jean experience (Replay, Earl jean and AG), so I asked my customers what they thought was missing from the premium jean marketplace.

Many told me that they had customers that wanted just a clean, sexy jean. By clean they described a jean with less extreme details like heavy whiskering and holes. Also, it has been said that many contemporary lines are tying to out-do themselves with extreme pocket stitching details.

With this in mind we set out to create a jean with less detail including not having the SALT logo or name all over the jean. We have forgone stitching that crosses the back pocket and use only our 4 square logo on the back right pocket. As an NYC-based company, we named our fits after cool NYC streets.

Without salt, muscles wouldn't contract, the heart wouldn't beat, and you wouldn't have something in your closet that goes with everything. At least that's what someone could perceive when viewing Salt Works Jeans, a new line of denim that goes back to the basics - no gimmicks, no ostentatious back pocket designs, and no ugly washes. Instead, Salt Works Jeans are as simple, timeless, and necessary as the fine while crystals you sprinkle on your food. Created by 4 self-professed denim addicts, Salt Works Jeans come in 3 different styles, each named for a different New York City thoroughfare: Mulberry Street, Avenue A, and Orchard Street. Jackets, skirts, shirts, and a men's collection are for sale online today.

The Avenue A jean is a low rise flare leg jean. It has an 8" rise with a 10" d. bottom opening. We wanted a jean that fit a wide variety of women's body types so we used two fit models, one more boyish and one more womanly in shape. The jean had to fit on both. All reports from stores claim that we accomplished what we had set out to do. The jean comes up nice and high on the back and we use a bias-cut waistband to prevent gapping.

The Mulberry Street jean is a 9" rise with a 9" d. bottom. During my tenure with other lines many customers told me that they had a woman customer in great shape, a contemporary customer who was not comfortable in a low rise fit. This 1" higher on the front has made all the difference for this neglected customer.


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