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The Lovemakers

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Biography of The Lovemakers

Forming in 2002 after core members Lisa Light (bass, vocals) and Scott Blonde (guitar, vocals) were kicked out of their previous band for making out with each other during practice, they crowned themselves The Lovemakers, inspired by a bizarrely-shot Japanese porn film titled "The Weird Lovemakers." They've loftily described their sound as "Led Zeppelin covering Prince" but it's spot on. They cite influences from Fleetwood Mac to Dr. Dre to High on Fire, but their latest release, Misery Loves Company" EP on upstart label Fuzz Artists, Inc. has the Lovemakers potently injecting their infectious pop with doses of epic, nearly psychedelic rock.

Whether playing underground Oakland warehouse parties, performing to a festival crowd of 10,000, or touring the outback of Australia, the Lovemakers' continuing success is the result of a reputation and fan base built on catchy-yet-offbeat songs and legendary raw-yet-theatrical live performance.

Famously uncoupled on the eve of recording their major label debut "Times of Romance" on Interscope Records after a 3-year relationship, they pressed on with an ethic fused in DIY methods, experimentation, art and fun.

Lisa, a Stanford graduate, former marine biologist and retired circus musician describes their current relationship as "marriage, without the routine sex." The energy of these now neighbors; anger, annoyance, and unquenchable passion for writing the next song has become a muse of limitless resource.

For the latest release, Misery Loves Company, The Lovemakers teamed up with legendary producer, Jason Carmer. They also reconnected with emerging and innovative video producer, Victor Solomon and shot 5 videos, one for each track. Deeply involved on every level of this project, the band set out and achieved a truly cutting-edge multi-media event. The unstoppable Lovemakers are currently recording ideas for a new record as a three piece (recently adding the talents of drummer M

The Band's Blog

The story behind the name

There were never too many bands who took their names literally. The Smashing Pumpkins never smashed pumpkins, Super Furry Animals were merely men, and Little Richard is taller than the average American. However, there tends to be an exception for The Lovemakers. Yeah, you guessed it. They make love. Well, the two founding members - Lisa Light and Scott Blonde - did anyways. When the two met in California in 2002, they were immediately inseparable. After their fateful first meeting, Light left her previous boyfriend (Blonde’s manager) for Blonde. Something tells me that Blonde hired a new manager since then. Either way, Blonde recruited Light to sing in his previous band and the two were shortly kicked out for disturbing the artistic process (making out) too much during practice. I personally thought that sort of stuff ended in high school but I could be wrong. So, after the whole band thing didn’t work out they started watching Japanese porn together and ended up viewing a flick called “The Weird Lovemakers”. I suppose you can figure out now where they got their name from. In a nutshell, that is how The Lovemakers were formed. From their practice/make-out sessions to Japanese porn, their originative tale is a breath of fresh air when compared to the masses of bands who give the usual chit-chat about how they met in high school over a love affair for Led Zeppelin. Even better, The Lovemakers’ unique story is nearly as entertaining as their music.

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The Lovemakers: Misery Loves Company

The new Lovemakers EP is way good and they have released videos for every song on the EP. The Misery Loves Company video above is extremely creepy which is exactly what makes it awesome. You must watch. I’m stoked to catch them next week in San Diego.

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