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Lucy Schwartz

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May 1 2008 10:00P Hotel Cafe - full band-21+ show Los Angeles, California

Biography of Lucy Schwartz

Lucy Schwartz is a singer/songwriter with an "old soul" that belies her young age of eighteen. Although her influences are varied, the result is a truly original and timeless musical voice. She self-released her CD of original songs titled "Winter in June" in 2007 and shortly after that, she won the International Songwriting Competition (ISC) in the teen category for her song "I Don't Know a Thing". In the February 1, 2008 issue of Entertainment Weekly, influential music supervisor, Chris Douridas, picked Lucy as one his favorite up-and-coming artists.

Lucy began writing instrumental piano pieces at eight years old. When she was twelve, a songwriter's performance so inspired her that she came home that night and wrote her first song with lyrics. She hasn't stopped since then! When asked about the songwriting process, Lucy says, “It usually begins with a chord or a motif that signals a certain melody in my head. I sing nonsense words on top of the melody until a story starts to emerge.” She used to think it was a bit silly to sing gibberish words like, “Peanut Butter Tulips” while writing her songs, but was delighted when her Dad told her that the initial lyrics to the Beatles’ song “Yesterday” were “Scrambled Eggs”.

Now a senior in high school, Lucy has been leading a double life: regular high school student by day, singer-songwriter by night, and occasionally superhero in her dreams. She has been performing with her band in her hometown of Los Angeles and also played the Palo Alto Music & Film Festival, Central Park's Harlem Meer Music Festival and opened for Guggenheim Grotto at the Canal Room in NYC. Lucy was voted favorite artist in the October 2007 BMI podcast featuring emerging Los Angeles songwriters. Her songs have recently been featured on the TV series, "Cashmere Mafia" and "Reaper" and her singing can also be heard on various TV shows including the Emmy award winning series, Arrested Development.

The Band's Blog

You are brilliant

you are brilliant. your music is heartwarming butterfly like feel good melodies. i know that the future is bright for you. good luck with everything and i hope to see you live sometime in the future.

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Lucy Schwartz - Winter In June

"Winter In June" is a very strong first effort from the young but extremely talented, Lucy Schwartz. Lucy started writing music at a very early age. It’s no wonder, now that she’s 18, how songwriting is like second nature to her. The record is full to the brim of excellent indie pop and jazzy tracks in simple yet effective arrangements. Lucy recently decided to use her whole name because it’s hard for people to look her up. Good move, God knows how many famous Lucy people there are…

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