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La Chansons

Upcoming Tour Dates

May 17 2008 - 8:00P - Florida Music Festival - Orlando, Florida -

June 21 - AthFest @ Go Bar in Athens, Georgia,

Biography of La Chansons

La Chansons is the electro wonder duo of Greg and Carson Keller, from Atlanta, Georgia. In 2004 they began dating. On one of their first dates, Greg asked Carson if she wanted to start a band. Greg, a longtime musician, had just left his Athens rock band days behind him, and was ready for a new music project. Carson was an art student in Atlanta with a passion for music and a lifetime fantasy of being in a band. Together they wrote and recorded songs in Greg's bedroom until 2006 when they married, and played their first live show at Lenny's Bar in Atlanta.

Since then, they have been spreading their slammin' dance beats, and sweet, sassy rhymes all over Atlanta, and Athens, Georgia. Mr. Keller is responsible for making the beats, playing keyboard, and vocals. The Mrs. writes most of the lyrics and is on lead vocals. La Chansons combine inspiration from old aerobics videos, rockin' 80's tennis stars, 90's dance music, multi-colored sequins, their love for each other, and all kinds of techno! They are in love and they want everyone else to fall in love on the dance floor!

The Band's Blog

In love with La Chansons

I am so in love with husband/wife duo La Chansons. Straight of Georgia — they remind me a lot of fellow Georgia girl/boy synth pop duo I Am The World Trade Center. Vocalist Carson has similar vocal qualities as Amy Dykes, and their synth is just as yummy. “Workout Love” is such a perfect little song and brings me back to the days when all I listened to was synth pop… like I said, I’m in love. Keep an eye on these guys… I’m hoping for big things. Check out "Workout Love" and “Sparklin” — totally my favorite.


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