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Karin Tatoyan

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Biography of Karin Tatoyan

Kárin Tatoyan came to life in a small Alabama town. She arrives from a long line of Syrian-Armenian actors, musicians & puppeteers. The first years of her life she spent traipsing through the woods and cornfields of Indiana. In fifth grade she suffered the trauma of moving to Los Angeles. Classically trained since the age of seven, Karin taught herself how to play guitar at fifteen, and began using her musicianship to channel the poems of her life.

Kárin is a field of opposites - a private, demure composer of highly sexual and passionate songs. She possesses a tiny stature with a voice the size of the North Atlantic. She writes songs bursting with joy, yearning, wasted hope, and nostalgia for a lost childhood. They seem to skip to their own time like playful children juxtaposing the ugly and the beautiful until they're a new form unto their own.

At only twenty-four, Kárin is a veteran of the Los Angeles acoustic scene. She recently removed herself from its strummy environs to concoct the more dynamic and driving electronic sound characteristic of her debut. For her live performances, she has partnered with the multi-instrumentalist The One Second Time Machine as well as a couple classical musicians to create a theatrical, mind-bending act that stands head and shoulders above standard club fare. Think an Armenian-American Björk meets Ziggy Stardust. It's that great and ambitious. The sonic rebirth of this new artist will be a sight to behold.

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classical training shines through

Brooke Waggoner has years of classical training behind her and puts it to good use on her debut EP, 'A Fresh Pair Of Eyes'. Her piano-based pop songs are very creative and skilfully composed with swooping string arrangements and interesting musical flourishes. She's been impressing audiences in her hometown of Nashville with her dazzling live performances and I'm sure more people will be talking about her in the next year or two as her reputation grows (with inevitable comparisons to the likes of Tori Amos and Regina Spektor). It's great to see such a young and musically talented person turning their hand to pop music and I'll be interested to hear her debut album, whenever that arrives.

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