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Jenn Grant

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Biography of Jenn Grant

Born and raised on Prince Edward Island, Halifax-based Jenn Grant embodies the naked melancholy of roots, and the shimmering effervescence of vintage AM pop. She understands the cosmic connection between Patsy Cline and Brian Wilson, and her oeuvre has elements of both polarities and everything in between. She intuits the power of nuance and beguiles like no other singer you are likely to hear.

Jenn toured Europe this year with the pop orchestral band The Heavy Blinkers and as a solo artist, played the Toronto Film Festival and was asked to open for Feist & Josh Ritter. Jenn has also been fortunate enough to share the stage in intimate venues on several occasions with Julie Doiron as well as Ron Sexmith. Most recently, Jenn completed a three-week tour of Germany, and is currently organizing tour dates to support her upcoming release.

Orchestra for the Moon, Grant’s debut full-length is a lush album of textured pop that puts her honeyed voice front and center. Whether accompanied by her band The Night Painters (“Dreamer”), stripped down to orchestral harp (“Rainy Day”) or string quartet (“Blue Skies”), Grant’s vocals remain the focal point. On “In a Brown House”, she duets with legendary songwriter Ron Sexsmith, and the result is tender and moving. Recorded at CBC’s studio H in Halifax, and produced by the Heavy Blinkers’ David Christensen and Jason MacIsaac, Orchestra for the Moon boasts a who’s who of the city’s finest. Matt Mays, Jill Barber, and Dale Murray (Cuff the Duke, Hylozoists) all contribute to this special album that mines a smooth pop vein, while staying true to Grant’s dizzying live performance. At times country, and other times, venturing into reggae and baroque, Orchestra For The Moon introduces a fine songwriter with a timeless, soulful voice. Grant is as convincing in the muted and dulcet tones of Francoise Hardy or Astrud Gilberto, as she is belting out gritty and world-weary tones akin to Stevie Nicks. This album consolid

The Band's Blog

Dreamer Video

I am absolutely in love with Jenn Grant's awe-inspiring voice and amazing lyrics. I only discovered the Eastern Canadian songstress this morning and instantly went on an odyssey to find every bit of information I could find about her. I only found a few articles. I simply can't believe more people haven't discovered her. One blog listed her as "Eastern Canada's answer to Feist." I do see the simalarities between the two but quite honestly Grant's quiet yet assurtive voice is in a class of her own.

Her new album Orchestra For The Moon is one of the strongest collections folk pop I've heard in quite sometime. The tunes are simply gorgeous. I have a feeling it's not going to leave my stereo for quite sometime.

Watch Jenn Grant's video for "Dreamer" below.


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reminds me of the good ole days...

I believe I already said somewhere that I love Jenn Grant. Let me say it again. Listening to her reminds me of the good old days when my headphones were glued to my head in college and Sarah McLachlan was always playing. Not that Jenn sounds exactly like Sarah, but they both have a slow, lush timbre in common. New album is called “Orchestra For the Moon.”
-Bon Ton

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