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In love with La Chansons

I am so in love with husband/wife duo La Chansons. Straight of Georgia — they remind me a lot of fellow Georgia girl/boy synth pop duo I Am The World Trade Center. Vocalist Carson has similar vocal qualities as Amy Dykes, and their synth is just as yummy. “Workout Love” is such a perfect little song and brings me back to the days when all I listened to was synth pop… like I said, I’m in love. Keep an eye on these guys… I’m hoping for big things. Check out "Workout Love" and “Sparklin” — totally my favorite.


Dated: Mar 11 2008 @ 04:05 PM

Guest Comments

La Chanson's is crazy sexy cool. personal faves include photo shoot, snuggle time, turn it on!... workout love duh.

xo andypop

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