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"The main idea of my design is to combine glamour, style and femininity, without losing freedom. I want people to feel the confidence that comfort gives and have fun with it."

Maya is the brainchild of third generation Argentine designer Carolina Dinardi. Her life-long fascination with design began at the age of five when her grandfather, a humble but highly-skilled Italian shoe designer, demonstrated that he could transform the silhouette of any object Carolina chose into a sketch of a beautiful shoe. Carolina was thrilled and in her young mind her grandfather's creativity and skill were the most wonderful and magical things she had ever seen. From that moment on, Carolina carried a little sketch pad around and tried to show her grandfather that she too could tap into her mind's eye and transform the ordinary into something beautiful.

Carolina's mother is also a fashion designer and most of Carolina's summer vacations were spent in the design studio learning sewing techniques. By age fifteen Carolina was sewing heart and bow shaped pillows out of scrap fabric found in her mother's workshop. It started out as a hobby but friends and family were charmed by Carolina's creations and started asking her to make matching pillows for their sofas.

At age eighteen, Carolina stumbled on a new passion while unsuccessfully shopping for swimsuits for her annual family vacation in Uruguay. She was so frustrated that she could not find a bikini with the right fit and style that she decided to design one herself. Carolina's first swimsuit designs were covered with delicate lace flowers. Although she crafted her first collection for herself, friends found her original creations irresistible and soon overwhelmed her with orders. For the next three seasons, Carolina produced small collections that quickly sold out as word spread among stylish young women on the glamorous beaches of Punta del Este, Uruguay.

Emboldened by her early success, Carolina was determined to pursue fashion designs as a career and for the next eight years honed her design skills under the direction of several celebrated Argentine fashion designers. However, Carolina never lost sight of her dream of launching her own swimwear line and introducing her design in other parts of the world. In 1999, Carolina decided she was ready to pursue her dream and soon found herself sketching away obsessively, forever inspired by a random object of beauty and determined to capture her vision and make it reality. Carolina needed a business partner to help finance her vision and she began discussing her vision and goals with influential friends and acquaintances in financial circles. In 2000, Lili Bivort, a long time friend and successful businesswoman, eagerly lent her support and helped Carolina raise the money to launch MAYA. MAYA'S first collection was introduced in the United States in 2001.

Meaning "illusion" in Sanskrit, MAYA swimsuits are designed to flatter a woman's body. They are a departure from both the large American and tiny Brazilian cuts – combining practicality with South American sensuality. With a sculpted lower cut, and wider, more flexible fit, Maya allows freedom and comfort in movement while still turning heads. The vibrant colors and original prints are as exotic and seductive as South America itself. The line is further distinguished by its impeccable attention to details, including scallop and ruffle trimmings, string belting, and strategically placed rear seams. Even the packaging is imagined in a novel way – the petite linen pouch can be untied and immediately transformed into a sexy, low-slung pareo.

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