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Smokin’ Cigarette Jeans

Slinky sexy jeans are making their way across celebrities’ legs.

The skinny jeans look perfect with stilettos and in case you’ve been wondering how to get your jeans tucked perfectly into those knee high boots, now you have the answer. I present to you the pants especially designed for the ultimate party girl: cigarette jeans.

That’s right - cigarette jeans look exactly how they sound. The long thin legs of these jeans are tapered, giving you a long, slinky look. There’s no room for a boot to go under the leg, therefore making them the perfect fit for cowboy boots, Uggs, knee-high boots, or whatever your pleasure. Want a really hot look? Choose knee-high stiletto boots with these jeans. The bunch-free concept is attractive in itself, but you’ll love how this makes your legs look as though they’re coming out of your ears.

The Cigarette jeans seen here are by designer Joe Dahan of Joe’s Jeans. This Casablanca-born designer came to L.A. originally designing bohemia wear for men called, “Joe the Hun.”

He then began designing “vintage modern” fashions for women and now has showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Tokyo,

London, Australia and Canada. You can see celebs such as Lindsey Lohan, Jessica Alba, Sara Jessica Parker and plenty of others sporting Joe’s Jeans.

Check out for more of Joe’s Jeans collections and cigarette jeans. You’ll find a smokin’ hot pair for sure to heat up your closet and put a little more fire into your jean wardrobe.  Read More...

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