This is her idea of fun?

Posted Jul 25 2007 @ 12:41 PM

Putting aside all of the Lohan DUI-gate madness and the Britney OK! Magazine debacle for a hot second, there is actually (as hard as this is to believe) other celebrity news going on in the world, like Rachel Bilson being on the dating scene once again! She and rumored BF Hayden Christensen went shopping at The Home Depot in LA on July 23, picking up house supplies and buckets of paint for some good old fashioned summertime house renovating. Dressed in a short white embroidered dress (similar to Bellekat's Crystal Dress) with brown shades (like Nour's Kiara Sunglasses in Manner Mania) and matching sandals, Rachel also carried along a big black bag with a trio of side pockets (just like Aaneta's Poqueta Messenger Bag) and wore her "I'd-die-without-it" lime green Hermes ceramic bangle. I love how certain celebs have things that they just always wear and cannot live without (exhibit A: Mary-Kate and that fringe Prada bag or exhibit B: Nicole and her Balenciagas). See, stars: they ARE just like us! One thing that might make Rachel a little less like us, however, is what she does on dates. Rachel said that when she was set up on a blind date recently (wait- I thought she was dating Hayden! Or maybe she just shops with him?) that her suitor "took me to Skid Row in downtown L.A. to see the homeless people. And, you know, in a way, I thought it was cool to experience it, but it was a little random for a first date." I don't really know what to say about this, because it seems like Rachel is treating homeless people like they are animals in the zoo and you can just go and "see them" for entertainment. But then again, people watch Rachel and what she does in her own life for entertainment, so in a way- this kind of makes sense!

Rachel Bilson seen in Los Angeles, Ca on Jul 23 2007.

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This is her idea of fun?

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