They're Living in a Material World

They're Living in a Material World

With their new movie, Material Girls, ready for wide release, Hilary and older sis Haylie Duff have teamed up to record a cover of the 80's Madonna classic of the same name. Upon first hearing this news, I was scared the girls would butcher one of Madonna's biggest hits. Yet, upon hearing the track, I found that I actually really enjoyed the Duff's cover! It has a funky, mod feeling to it, and although it's impossible to tell when Hilary is singing vs when Haylie chimes in, the girls are having fun in it. I do have to give Haylie the award for biggest Hollywood hanger-on-er, I mean really, is she riding Hil's coattails or what!

Dated: Aug 07 2006 @ 04:15 PM

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