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Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff

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About the Designer

Signorelli means “Little Ladies” or “Little Lords” in Italian. In the early 1600s a group of ambitious Italian teens started an underground system of nobility in Rome, inspired by the British peerage. They named this exclusive circle “Signorelli”. Each month the secret society would recruit a new “Lady” or “Lord” whose revolutionary spirit deserved the elite and prestigious title. They elected young painters who later became Michelangelos of their time; princesses and princes who later became honorable kings and queens. The mission was to discover young, unknown talent – true diamonds in the rough --- and initiate them into the esteemed circle of Signorelli.

Signorelli still exists across the rolling hills of Italy, but only to those who know. In 2003 one such Lady came to the United States and discovered how crucial the ideals of Signorelli were to her. She decided to share Signorelli with America. In 2005 she started a clothing line that represents the uniqueness and prestige of the Signorelli old guard, yet memorializes the edge and unrefined spirit of the newly recruited. She fuses comfort with character by using first class fabrics that are embellished by hand and finished by heart, bringing “Signorelli” uniqueness to every piece.

She maintains the election tradition by recognizing a new young revolutionary in art and/or music every season and dedicating a shirt in their name and image. A portion of the proceeds from recruit inspired designs go to a charity of their choice.

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