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Shenae Grimes (born October 24, 1989) is a Gemini Award winning Canadian actress. She currently plays the role of Darcy Edwards on Degrassi: The Next Generation, as well as the role of Annie Wilson in 90210, the new spinoff of Beverly Hills, 90210. She was a recurring guest star on the Disney Channel series Naturally, Sadie as Arden Allcott. She is half Irish on her father's side and half Italian on her mother's side. Shenae Grimes is best known for playing popular yet distraught good/bad girl Darcy Edwards on Degrassi: The Next Generation. Starting off with minor role in 2004, gained more strength in 2005 before she had a lead role in the series in 2006. In 2008, she was cast as Annie Wilson in 90210, the CW's spinoff off Beverly Hills, 90210. It was wondered if Grimes would remain on Degrassi for the next season, but it was revealed through promotional advertisements that Grimes was appearing at least through the new season. She also appeared in the ABC Movie, Picture This.

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Shenae Grimes seen on Aug 15 2012 in West Hollywood, CA. Shenae Grimes was photographed attending the Live In Pink event which was held for LOFT and The Breast Cancer Research Foundation at the Petit Ermitage Hotel in West Hollywood on August 15, and it's nice to see that Shenae cleaned up nicely for the event because, let's be real, sometimes SG can look a little rough around the edges. Starting with a chic black blazer (like Juicy Couture's Blazer in Black), Shenae wore a LOFT lace top (get the look with Free People's Gypsy Lace Top in Tea) and a high waisted Recreation leather skirt (get a similar silhouette with a leather-less option such as Suzabelle's Hawke Skirt in Black), and then slipped into a pair of black Jerome C. Rousseau strappy heels. A black statement necklace (like Wildfox Couture's Wildfox Rosary Necklace in Matte Black) provided a slightly edgy touch to this polished ensemble. What's your take on Shenae's look here, everyone? Yay or nay? At the event, the "90210" star was seen smiling and chatting with "Beverly Hills, 90210" alum Jennie Garth, in addition to dishing on why she decided to attend the Giuliana Rancic-hosted event. Says Shenae: "I'm a big fan of Giuliana's. I appeared on "Fashion Police" earlier this year and she was so warm and lovely. She's got such an amazing personality and she's so resilient. She's really put a face to the cause." More examples of celebrities doing good... love it!


Shenae Grimes seen on Jul 09 2011 in Beverly Hills, CA. "90210" star Shenae Grimes was photographed hitting up a house party in Beverly Hills on July 9, surrounded by a group of guy friends as she seemed to be in a great mood. For her casual ensemble, Shenae paired a loose-fitting white t-shirt (like Splendid's Slub Panel Tee in Paper, or for a long sleeve version, try Hard Tail's Slouchy Stripe Dolman in White) with a pair of Levi's denim cut offs (also check out Paige Premium Denim's Jimmy Short in Tigerlily), and then toted both a grey canvas bag and a black leather bucket bag with gold chain detailing. From there, SG wore a pair of white slip ons and a brown wrap bracelet (get the look with Chan Luu's Graduated Mixed Bracelet). In somewhat painful Shenae news, the petite starlet recently got inked behind her ear. Ow! Former "Miami Ink" star Ami James tatted Shenae with a Peter Pan-inspired memorial tattoo. Says Shenae: "I won't go into too much detail as it's a very personal tattoo for me, but it was a memorial tattoo for an amazing person in my life who was my very own Peter Pan. The tattoo, which is of Peter Pan's hat, is a tribute to a late friend. The hat from my favorite Disney character is a symbol of this person's full life and contagious smile that will always remind me never to take life too seriously and always enjoy it like we did when we were kids. Plus, all of my tattoos are in pretty strategic places. This one is behind my ear, so when my hair's down you can't see it." Sounds like there was definitely an important meaning behind this tattoo, thoughts everyone?


Shenae Grimes seen on Aug 10 2010 in West Hollywood, CA. "90210" star Shenae Grimes was photographed on the red carpet of Drew Barrymore-hosted Express and NYLON Denim Issue Party that was held at The London Hotel in West Hollywood on August 10, and it seems that Shenae was in the mood for a safari? Either that or she wanted to stay comfortable, as she proudly wore a robe-esque patterned coat that almost seems to have an exotic, snakeskin feel to it. I'm not sure if I love or hate this thing, but either way, SG was smart for keeping the rest of her look simple. Wearing a black tube top (check out Sky's Brandee Top in Espresso, or if you are into the bandeau look, try Luc by Lucy's classic Tube Top Tracey Dress in Black) tucked in to a pair of black Levi's cut off shorts (try Joe's Jeans' Ex-Lover Short in Conner), Shenae added on a pair of black heels and a woven black tote for her NYLON outing. She finished things off with a multitude of bracelets and bangles - get a similar look with Alex and Ani's Bauhaus Limited Edition Bangle Set in Multi. What is your opinion about Shenae's interesting exotic wizard robe, everyone? Hollywood Life is dishing their opinion about her getup, saying: "I have to admit, at first I thought her get-up seemed strange, but after doing a double-take it started to grow on me. While the jacket is a little extreme, her simple yet stylish outfit toned down the intensity of the overall look." Do you agree?


Shenae Grimes seen on Feb 28 2010 in Miami, FL. "90210" star Shenae Grimes was spotted making her way through Miami International Airport on Sunday, February 28, waving kindly to the paparazzi before checking her cell phone. For her casual (and kind of disheveled, if I do say so myself) outfit, Shenae started with a basic pair of black skinny jeans (try Chasely's Denim Legging in Overdye Black) and paired them with a chunky knit sweater (go for a lighter option with Goddis' Naples Wrap in Cinnamon) and black scarf (I love the torn detailing of Raw 7's Short Shredded Scarf in Black). For the rest of her ensemble, Shenae slipped into a pair of lace up boots that I'm really not into, along with a pair of Ray-Ban Clubmaster sunglasses and a set of studded leather bags (check out the chain detailing of Lesa Wallace Handbags' Diego Everyday Bag in Black). What are your thoughts on SG's outfit here - do you think this is airport appropriate? Man, those hideous boots are just bugging me, I'd love to get your thoughts on those too, readers! In other Shenae news, the starlet recently revealed how she is interested in looking into studying fashion design. Oh great, just what we need... another fashionista actress turned "clothing designer." She says, "I would love to go to college if I have the chance. I would really love to. I would love to go ideally to a school in New York. The programs are more liberal in America and you donít have to make up your mind right away so I can test out fashion marketing, design, and communications. I can do it all and I donít have to narrow it down just yet." I am definitely all for her studying more at school, but I think she should definitely see what else is out there besides fashion, don't you?


Shenae Grimes seen on Aug 30 2009 in West Hollywood, CA. "90210" cutie Shenae Grimes was spotted frolicking with friends at the Farmer's Market in West Hollywood yesterday, August 30, going for a sort of girly-hipster look. She started with a BFH (big floppy hat) that she paired with a black dotted romper (try Generra's more sophisticated Shift Jumper Dress in Black) and a very grandma-esque shoulder bag. She continued to accessorize with a skinny waist belt (like Pellemelle's Lifesaver Skinny Contrast Belt in Yellow), flat sandals, a silver charm necklace (I think Shenae would like Erica Anenberg Jewelry's Junk Charm Necklace in Sterling Silver), and a ton of beaded bracelets (I love the unique look of Castaway Jewelry's Sambava Bracelet in Maroon and Moss). What are your thoughts on Shenae's outfit - a mess or endearingly disheveled? While there is definitely no shortage of things to do in LA, Shenae has revealed the activity that is number one on her to-do list: the Hollywood Forever Cemetary! She says, "Iíd go to a movie screening at the Hollywood Forever Cemetery. Iíd just pack a picnic dinner and make a night of it. Iíve never been there, but we filmed an episode of the show where we went there and saw Psycho, and now Iíve just got to make it happen in real life. I love movies, and I have a list on my BlackBerry of some of the older movies that I want to see. I just think Iíd enjoy a low-key night like that where I could actually chat with the person Iím with and still enjoy a good movie and a nice meal." Sounds like a fun night to me!


Shenae Grimes seen on May 19 2009 in New York, NY. "90210" star Shenae Grimes was spotted waving for the paparazzi as she strolled around in the Gramercy Park area of NYC on May 19, in town for the CW Network 2009 Upfront Event, while sporting some seriously darker locks. What do you think of the darker 'do on Shenae - personally, I like it! For her daytime look, SG started with a navy and white polka dot romper (opt for classic black with Johnson's Wool Crepe Jumper in Black, which is now 78% off!) and paired it with a yellow waist belt (like Julie K Handbags' Katie Belt in Yellow) and a light blue cropped blazer (Qi's Military Jacket in Pearl Heather Grey is super cool). For the rest of her look, Shenae wrapped a gauzy black scarf (try Elizabeth Gillett Ltd's similar Rhoda Scarf in Black) around her neck, donned a pair of oversized aviators, and threw on a long black shoulder bag. The finishing touches? Lace leggings and nude wedges. There's no denying that there is definitely a lot going on in this look, but do you think she looks good? For those of you that caught the "90210" season finale, viewers are still not sure who Grimes' character, Annie, hit with her car. Shenae's co-star, Jessica Stroup, offers up her theories: "The funny thing is we all have theories. Every single of one of my castmates has a theory, and we have talked about it. We've gone through scenarios. I've said things like, "It's Ty! It's Brandon Walsh's dad!" We've said everything. We have no idea. I'm really curious as well. My pick, if I could pick who I think it could be, I think it would be interesting if it was Dixon, but not dying! I don't want anyone to die. I don't want it to be Dixon, but I think it would be a really interesting storyline for Annie to hit her brother and drive off drunkenly." What about you, readers... do you have any theories of your own?


Shenae Grimes seen on Nov 02 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. "90210" star Shenae Grimes was spotted picking up groceries at her local Ralph's in LA yesterday, November 2, and was all smiles for the paparazzi as she loaded up her car. Keeping it casual in a pair of light wash straight leg jeans (like Pierce Jeans' Pierson Slim Jean in Pacific) tucked into a short pair of Minnetonka Moccasins, Shenae paired a black tank (like Signorelli's Omni Peace Tank in Black) with a vibrant scarf (I love the pattern of Alchemy's Unicorn Scarf in Blue). She finished off her outfit with a pair of aviators, a gold cuff (similar to Kimberly Faith's Wrist Cuff in Brass with Gold), and a shiny patent hobo bag (take a look at Julie K Handbags' Debby Tote with Zipper Pockets in Black Patent). Cute! While Shenae might not have the best rep in the press, what with her chain smoking and rumors of anorexia and being a diva on set, Shenae has decided to speak out and set the record straight. She says, "Nobody has the right to invade anybodyís privacy or write false stories, even if the subject is a public figure. I know I have a good head on my shoulders. I think Iíve done pretty well for a Toronto girl who has moved to Hollywood alone. As long as I know I donít have an eating disorder and Iím not a diva on set, thatís all that matters. If the people in America would rather believe otherwise, then my life will be proof enough." Hmm, what do you think- do you believe the media, or Shenae?


Shenae Grimes seen on Sep 23 2008 in Los Angeles, CA. "90210"'s new "good girl" Shenae Grimes seems to be set out to prove that she is anything but, by smoking up a storm while leaving a Los Angeles Trader Joe's on September 23, appearing on the cover of Us Weekly for her increasingly thin frame, and apparently being very difficult to work with and acting like a diva on-set. Seems like she's definitely got a very hardworking publicist! For her look while out smoking up a storm, start with a pair of must-have lace tights and pair with lace-up boots and a black mini (like Parameter's High Waist Mini Skirt in Black). Tuck in a white tank (similar to Hank Vintage Threads' Foil Crown Rib Tank in White) and throw on a black cardigan (similar to Zoa's Open Drape Cardigan in Black), and all you have left are the accessories. Shenae wrapped herself up with a black scarf (like Elizabeth Gillett Ltd's Imelda Shawl in Black), and toted what looks like a vintage Gucci bag over her shoulder. What do you think of her look here- yay or nay? Due to the fact that she is only 19 and getting so much bad press, Shenae decided to speak out about the weight and smoking issues. Of her thin frame, she said, "I personally think that people need to stop criticizing everyone in the media these days about their issues. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if someone pointed out all of your flaws and all of your mistakes... but that's what the media does to us." Um, hello? By starring in a television show you are putting yourself out there for public ridicule... get used to it, girly! Of her dirty smoking habit, she says, "I can't say that I'm proud of it, but there are so many people struggling with the addiction nowadays. I started smoking at about 16, and 1 in 5 teenagers smoke. I'm not going to really go into the issue, but my hope is that you will all just stop hating and get on with it. I smoke. My choice. I'm sorry if you don't like it, but this is who I am." Instead of saying you smoke and that's who you are, you should, um, maybe try quitting??

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